Arts Communications

Arts Communications plans and leads communications requirements for faculty, staff, students, and alumni. We incorporate digital communications through our websites, newsletters, social media, digital signage, and podcasts. Our graphic design capabilities contribute to the production of recruitment materials, brochures, posters, and template design. To support our culture of recognition, the office communicates and promotes the news and accomplishments of the Faculty within and beyond the University community as well as working with central communications units to disseminate our information locally, provincially, nationally, and around the world.

Rumee Ahmed

Associate Dean, Communications & Innovation
Office: Buchanan A240
Phone: (604) 822-6701

Loren Plottel

Associate Director, Communications & Marketing
Office: Iona 055
Phone: (604) 822-4483

Genny Krikorian

Student Communications Manager
Office: Iona 062
Phone: (604) 827-4327

Emma Novotny

Senior Graphic Designer
Office: Buchanan C110 / Iona 053
Phone (Buchanan): (604) 827-4265
Phone (Iona): (604) 822-1481

Madeleine de Trenqualye

Digital Communications Specialist
Office: Iona 062
Phone: (604) 827-0757

Kat Moyou

Graphic Designer
Office: Iona 053
Phone: (604) 822-4394

Deb Pickman

Communications and Marketing Manager, Arts & Culture District
Office: Buchanan E168
Phone: (604) 822-2769