2015-16 Committees

Standing Committees

Arts Faculty Library Advisory Committee (AFLAC)

Chair: Kevin McNeilly, English

Curriculum Committee

Chair: Tom Scholte, Theatre and Film

Dean’s Advisory Committee on Promotion and Tenure

  • Chair: Gage Averill, Dean of Arts
  • Recording Secretary: Kathryn Harrison, Associate Dean, Faculty and Equity
  • Patricia Badir, English (appointed)
  • Timothy Brook, History / Institute of Asian Research (appointed)
  • Brian Copeland, Vancouver School of Economics (appointed)
  • Caroline Ichikawa Jenkins, Philosophy (appointed)
  • Ernest Mathijs, Theatre and Film (elected)
  • Lisa Matthewson, Linguistics (elected)
  • Lawrence Walker, Psychology (elected)
  • Miu Chung Yan, Social Work (elected)

Interdisciplinary Program Chairs

African Studies Minor

Chair: Rose-Marie Dechaine, Linguistics

Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies Minor (ACAM)

Chair: Christopher Lee, English

Canadian Studies Program

Chair: Andre Lamontagne, French, Hispanic, & Italian Studies

Children’s Literature (MA) Program

Chair: Eric Meyers, School of Library, Archival, & Information Studies

Cognitive Systems Program

Chair: Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson, Linguistics

Environment & Society Minor

Chair: Clive Chapple, Economics

European Studies

Chair: Bozena Karwowska, Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies

First Nations and Endangered Languages Program

Chair: Mark Turin, Anthropology

First Nations and Indigenous Studies Program

Chair: Daniel Justice, English

Health & Society Minor Program

Chair: Christiane Hoppmann, Psychology

Interdisciplinary Studies BA

Chair: Michael O’Hagan, French, Hispanic, & Italian Studies

International Relations Program

Chair: Steven Lee, History

Latin American Studies Program

Chair: Jon Beasley-Murray, French, Hispanic & Italian Studies

Law & Society Program

Chair: Arlene Sindelar, History (Term 1) Renisa Mawani, Sociology (Term 2)

Medieval Studies Program

Chair: Robert Rouse, English

Religion, Literature, and the Arts

Chair: Katherine Sirluck, English

Science & Technology Studies Program

Chair: Adam Frank, English

Urban Studies Program

Chair: Elvin Wyly, Geography

US Studies

Chair: Paul Quirk, Political Science



  • Matthew Evenden, Geography; Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies
  • Sandra Tomc, English
  • Sheila Woody, Psychology


  • Applied Science: Nora Angeles, School for Community & Regional Planning; Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice
  • Dentistry: Darlene Weston, Anthropology
  • Education: [tbc]
  • Forestry: Greg Henry, Geography
  • Land and Food Systems: Kiran Soma, Psychology
  • Medicine: Liisa Galea, Psychology
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences: Catharine Winstanley, Psychology
  • Sauder School of Business: Ashok Kotwal, Vancouver School of Economics
  • Science: Ian McKendry, Geography; Michael Souza, Psychology


  • Applied Science: Carol Jaeger, Electrical Engineering
  • Dentistry: David MacDonald
  • Education: Theresa Rogers, Language and Literacy Education
  • Forestry: Lori Daniels, Forest and Conservation Sciences; R. Dan Moore, Forest Resources Management
  • Land and Food Systems: Susan Barr
  • Medicine: Sarah de Leeuw, School of Population & Public Health
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences: Arun Verma
  • Sauder School of Business: Masao Nakamura
  • Science: Jennifer Klenz, Botany; Dan Bizzotto, Chemistry; Patrice Belleville, Computer Science; Mark Johnson, Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences; Mark MacLean, Mathematics; Ehleen Hinze, Microbiology and Immunology; Jeremy Heyl, Physics & Astronomy; Martin Adamson, Zoology


  • A.1.1 Leanne Huang (Fourth Year, Sociology; double major in Sociology and Psychology)
  • A.16 Kainat Sayeda Rizvi (Fourth Year, Political Science – International Relations)
  • A.17 Jenny Ho (Fourth Year, Psychology; double major in Psychology and English)
  • B.1 Yassen Atallah (First Year, BA)
  • B.1 Elliott Cheung (First Year, BA)
  • B.2 Muhtadi Faiaz (Second Year, BA)