Office of the Dean

The Dean’s Office is the administrative wing of the Faculty of Arts. The Dean has responsibility for overall administration of the Faculty; provides strategic leadership; ensures productive relationships with other Faculties as well as government, public, and professional constituencies; promotes excellence in teaching, research, and scholarly contributions throughout the Faculty; supports unit heads in attracting and retaining outstanding faculty and staff; and plays a leadership role in the University’s fundraising campaign.

Members of the core leadership team in the Dean’s Office support the work of the Dean and share in the administration of the Faculty, overseeing Faculty-level committees, representing the Faculty of Arts on University-wide committees, and providing advice and support to heads, directors, and chairs.

Dean Gage Averill
Senior Associate Dean, Faculty and Equity Kathryn Harrison
Associate Dean, Academic Stefania Burk
Associate Dean, Communications and Innovation Rumee Ahmed
Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies Matthew Evenden
Associate Dean, Student Success Sunaina Assanand
Assistant Dean, Facilities and Human Resources Gerald Vanderwoude
Assistant Dean, Finance Brian Lee

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