Recruit a Student

Arts students bring fresh ideas, new perspectives, and specialized knowledge (e.g. social media) to your company or organization.

Hiring a skilled and motivated student has a world of benefits. These paid or voluntary positions can support a wide variety of projects and help your organization reach its goals. Learn more about the following options to find the right fit for your workplace:

Community-Based Experiential Learning

Community-based experiential learning (CBEL) combines volunteer work with classroom learning. In exchange for providing valuable learning experiences in the workplace, your organization will benefit from keen students who can help enhance existing programs, develop new programs and conduct research. Join the UBC-Community Learning Initiative in educating future leaders about the pressing concerns and issues of today.

Arts Co-op Program

The Arts Co-op Program delivers the highest calibre students from one of Canada’s top universities. With the most rigorous student selection process and intensive pre-employment training in BC, Arts Co-op students offer employers a low-risk, cost-effective way to complete special projects and fill short-term positions. Learn more about why you should hire from the Co-op program and help us to create amazing opportunities for Arts students.

Arts Internship Program

Internships offer part-time, unpaid support for your non-profit or community organization. Our motivated and talented Arts students are equipped to assist on special projects, events, and daily tasks in exchange for developing experience to help them prepare for their future careers. Find a UBC Arts intern that is right for your organization.

Career Services for Employers

Experience the benefits of hiring an Arts student. UBC offers several recruitment services that will connect you with current Arts students and alumni. Visit Career Services for information on how to post a job or volunteer opportunity and why recruiting at UBC makes good business sense.

Questions? Contact:
Bonita Perko
Alumni Relations Officer