Curriculum Committee

Committee Membership ’14W

Chair: Tom Scholte

Keith Bunnell ex officio
Nancy Campbell ex officio
Janet Giltrow ex officio
Christina Hendricks
Deanna Kreisel
Catherine Rawn

Curriculum Proposals and Guidelines can be found here

Please note that the Senate has specific formatting guidelines for all Category 2 proposals.

The FACC requires electronic copies [WORD] of all Category 1 and 2 proposal forms emailed to arts.curriculum(at) Please submit each proposal (including Category 2’s) by a separate email and the Subject line should be the abbreviated department followed by the new course name if applicable (ie. ASIA PUNJ 102)

All other documentation can be sent via email [PDF] with originals to follow by campus mail to:

Arts Curriculum Committee
c/o Dean’s Office – Buchanan A240 – 1866 Main Mall (campus mail: zone 1)

Phone:  Lois Nightingale 604-822-6700
Email: arts.curriculum(at)

Course Proposals Checklist (Download Word document)

Category One Proposals require the following in this order:
Curriculum Proposal Form
Curriculum Consultation Report
Curriculum Consultation Request(s)*

Library Consultation Form**
Budgetary Impact Form (signed)
Course Outline

*Please note that you are required to give consultants at least 10 working days to complete a Curriculum Consultation Request.

**All Library Consultation Forms can be sent to Ellen George, who will forward them on to the appropriate librarian for completion.

All documentation must be single-sided.

The Faculty of Arts Curriculum Committee requires that all documentation be received by the following dates.  All Committees, both within Arts and at the Senate level, require material at least 14 days prior to the date of the meeting.

February 25, 2015 Last Day to submit category 1 proposals for the 2015 Winter Session.  This leads to the March 2015 Faculty of Arts Meeting and then to the April Senate Committee for Curriculum Changes and then to the May 2013 UBC Senate Meeting.

March 25, 2015 –  For changes beginning 2016 Summer. Last day to submit proposals for the April 2015 Arts Curriculum Meeting >May 2015 Faculty of Arts Meeting >July 2015 Senate Committee for Curriculum Changes >September 2015 Senate Meeting.

April 22, 2015 – For changes beginning 2016 Summer.  Last day to submit proposals for the May  2015 – Arts Curriculum Meeting> September 2015 Faculty of Arts Meeting> October 2015 Senate Committee for Curriculum Changes > November 2015> UBC Senate Meeting.

PLEASE NOTE: Curriculum changes go through a lengthy approval process.  The dates above are approximate.

Category 2 proposals are incorporated at scheduled times throughout the year when the UBC Calendar is updated.

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