Arts Research Abroad (ARA)

Previously ARCAAP

The Faculty of Arts having received a generous gift from donors who wish to remain anonymous, the Dean of Arts is pleased to announce the “Arts Research Abroad” (ARA), previously (ARCAAP), a new program supporting Group Study Programs Abroad and International Service Learning (ISL). Funded by this gift, the Faculty of Arts and Go Global, this exciting new program sponsors two types of courses:

Option 1: Advanced Research Course (for group study of 15-20 students). The course must be designated as an Advanced Research Course for the major. The course is open to majors and honours students in the discipline. The travel is essential to the research and learning.

Option 2: Advanced research international service learning courses (15-20 students). Open to majors and honours students in the discipline. The research and service aspects of the course are closely linked, academic preparation being essential to the international service.

Advanced research courses, for this program, are defined as allowing for student engagement with current research positions resulting in a contribution to the current conversation in the discipline. That is, the defining criterion is not that students go abroad and conduct research but that the students’ inquiries in their discipline result in new knowledge that could be shared with other scholars in the field. For example, students’ papers could potentially result in presentations at conferences; students may participate in material-practice or professional-immersion courses, fieldwork, practicum, or performance projects, for other examples.

In consultation with their Department Heads, faculty members will submit course proposals to ARA’s multi-disciplinary adjudication committee. The proposals will include course syllabus, including description of students’ research and/or service activities abroad; course pre-requisites; rationale for the travel; budget, including itinerary, arrangements for accommodation, local liaison, etc. We anticipate that the fund will support seven courses each year.


The deadline has moved from June to April. This will ensure Departments are aware of approved programs prior to student’s registering. This will allow more marketing time and enable more students to arrange to attend registration accordingly.

  • For travel in 2014: The deadline for full proposals for courses and travel taking place between January 2014 and December 2014 is April 29, 2013.
  • For travel in 2015: The deadline for full proposals for courses and travel taking place between January 2015 and December 2015 is April 29, 2014.

Program Planning and Application Preparation

Download Application package [WORD] [PDF]

As you begin to conceptualize your proposed course we recommend that you be in touch with Go Global Group Study Programs or UBC-CLI International Student Learning to collaboratively begin building your program. They have experience working with faculty to facilitate both International Service Learning and Group Study programs.

If your proposal is approved for ARA funding, you will then work more closely with Go Global Group Study Programs or UBC-CLI International Service Learning staff to further plan your proposed program, recruit students, manage your budget, and implement your program plan.

Templates for Completing Your Proposal

For further information on ARA, contact Janet Giltrow or Lois Nightingale in the office of the Associate Dean, Students.

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