Recent Grant Successes – External

SSHRC Current Award Winners

Partnership Development Grants - November 2014

Under embargo, coming soon

Partnership Grants - November 2014

Under embargo, coming soon

Insight Grants - October 2014

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Connection Grants - 2014 Competition Awards

Glassman, James (Geography)
Geopolitical economies of development and democratization in East Asia

Gurstein, Penelope (Community and Regional Planning)
The future of public housing

McElduff, Siobhan (Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies)
Creating and training a network of digital humanities scholars on the Lower Mainland

Paris, Leslie (History)
In relation, at home and across the world: children, youth, and the history of belonging

Strong-Boag, Veronica (Educational Studies)
Canadian women, suffrage and human rights: workshop and public panel

Insight Development Grants – February 2014 Competition Awards

Fisher, Kevin (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
Investigating urban social dynamics using high resolution archaeology

Fuller, Sylvia (Sociology)
Motherhood career penalties: linking organizational, institutional, and individual contexts

Gottlieb, Joshua (Vancouver School of Economics)
Job-protected leaves and entrepreneurship

Ishiguro, Laura (History)
Settler colonialism, global families, and the making of British Columbia, 1849-1871

Kamat, Vinay (Anthropology)
Micropolitics of conservation and dispossession on a marine park in southeastern Tanzania

Loehrlein, Aaron (School of Library, Archival & Information Studies)
The cognitive interpretation of socially shared tags

Prange, Sebastian (History)
Pirate politics: violence and sovereignty in the pre-modern Indian Ocean

Segnini, Elisa (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Translating culture for the stage: the case of Luigi Pirandello

Swiecki, Tomasz (Vancouver School of Economics)
Labor mobility costs across sectors and locations

Past Award Winners

Connection Grants - 2013 Competition Awards

Jessee, Erin (Liu Institute for Global Issues)
Approaching perpetrators: ethnographic insights on ethics, methodology, and theory

Matthewson, Lisa (Linguistics)
Semantics of under-represented languages in the Americas

Sens, Allen (Political Science)
The Terry project on CiTR: an interdisciplinary program highlighting social science and humanities research on important global issues through a unique mix of storytelling, discussion, and debate

Partnership Development Grant Awards – November 2013 Competition Awards

Moore, Patrick (Anthropology)
Kaska “talking” dictionary: facilitating language revitalization through collaboration

Insight Grants – October 2013 Competition Awards

Beaudry, Paul (Vancouver School of Economics)
Challenge facing advanced economies: technology, globalization and cyclical factors

Biesanz, Jeremy (Psychology)
Assessing the good target: examining the characteristics and consequences of being accurately perceived

Bloch, Alexia (Anthropology)
Stateless in Russia: Migrant women, children, and social abandonment

Callison, Candis (School of Journalism)
Arctic journalism: Examining norms and practices in an era of environmental change and global audiences

Cameron, Maxwell (Political Science)
Between rules and practice

Cheek, Timothy (Institute for Asian Research)
Reading and writing the Chinese dream: Reinventing China’s tradition(s), 1980 to the present

Claxton, Dana (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
SIOUX: Visual culture in Saskatchewan

Coulthard, Lisa (Theatre & Film)
The sounds of violence: Sound and cinematic violence in the digital age

Dauvergne, Peter (Political Science)
Corporations and the politics of environmental activism in the global south

Dixon, Joy (History)
Sexual heresies: religion, science, and sexuality in modern Britain

Edgington, David (Geography)
A study of recovery from the 2011 Japanese Great Eastern earthquake

Fisher, Alexander (School of Music)
Religious soundscapes of the holy Roman empire, 1520-1650

Francois, Patrick (Vancouver School of Economics)
Political economy and development

Gregory, Derek (Geography)
Medical-military machines and the casualties of war 1914-2014

Gu, Xiong (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
Interior migrations: global flows of memory and migration in Canada

Hamlin, J. Kiley (Psychology)
Exploring the role of emotion in the early development of prosocial behavior and social evaluation: studies with preverbal infants and toddlers

Heine, Steven (Psychology)
Genetic essentialism: understanding the impact of genetic attributions on people’s worldviews

Hnatkovska, Viktoria (Vancouver School of Economics)
Financial frictions, financing needs and the rise of firms’ savings: Theory and evidence

Jacobs, Alan Michael (Political Science)
Pain for gain?: Uncertainty and citizen support for policy tradeoffs

Jing, Zhichun (Anthropology)
Urban organization and population dynamics of late Shang Dynasty

Johnson, Shelly (School of Social Work)
Awakening the spirit: revitalization of canoeing in Musqueam

Kasahara, Hiroyuki (Vancouver School of Economics)
Estimation and inference for structural dynamic models with unobserved heterogeneity and multiple equilibria

Nathan, Lisa (School of Library, Archival & Information Studies)
Sustaining information practices

Norenzayan, Ara (Psychology)
The cognitive origins of religious belief and disbelief

Orbaugh, Sharalyn (Asian Studies)
Framing war through domestic propaganda: Kamishibai in Japan’s fifteen year war

Pailer, Gaby (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)
Epistolary culture circa 1800: the Letters of Charlotte Schiller (1766-1826)

Roth, Wendy (Sociology)
Genetic ancestry testing and the future of race

Sathaye, Adheesh (Asian Studies)
The cultural and textual history of Sanskrit riddle-tales: a digital humanities approach

Trebbi, Francesco (Vancouver School of Economics)
Insurgency and guerrilla coalitions: an economic analysis

Vatikiotis-Bateson, Eric (Linguistics)
Quantifying coordination to analyze communicative performance

Werker, Janet (Psychology)
The influence of linguistic and cultural context on first steps in language acquisition

Insight Development Grant – February 2013 Competition Awards

Dechaine, Rose-Marie (Linguistics)
Across Mountain and Sea: Bringing Tlingit to Linguistics

Dick, Alexander (English)
Scottish Agriculture and the Fictions of Improvement

Hall, Kathleen (Linguistics)
Measuring Phonological Relationships

Jeong, Gyung-Ho (Political Science)
Foreign Policy Ideologies of the Members of the US Congress

Lightfoot, Sheryl (First Nations Studies)
The Politics of State Apologies to Indigenous Peoples

Murphy, Anne (Asian Studies)
Transnational Modern Punjabi Literature and the Pursuit of the Secular

Nardizzi, Vincent (English)
Shakespeare’s Ligneous Bodies: Archives and Performances

Sundstrom, Lisa (Political Science)
The Comparative Politics of Global Governance: How NGOs from BRICS Countries Respond to New Global Governance Frameworks

VanWynsberghe, Robert M. (Educational Studies)
Inquiry into the Nexus of Socially Effective Learning for Sustainability

Weber, Barbara (Educational & Counseling Psychology and Special Education)
The Philosophical Community of Inquiry: Measuring its Impact on Perspective-Taking and Empathy

Connection Grants – 2013 Competition Awards

Iurascu, Ilinka (Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies)
Gender, Nation and Education. Reconsidering the Media Legacy of Christa Winsloe’s ‘Girls in
Uniform, 1930 – 2013′: An International Research Workshop

Partnership Grants – November 2012 Competition Awards

Duranti, Luciana (School of Library, Archival & Information Studies)
Trust and digital records in an increasingly networked society

Partnership Development Grants – November 2012 Competition Awards

Johnson, Shelly L. (School of Social Work)
First Nations Court: Towards a restorative justice, community-based healing plan

Lister, Jane E. (Liu Institute for Global Issues)
lllegal Timber in Retail Supply Chains: A Global Investigation

Insight Grants – October 2012 Competition Awards

Ballarin, Roberta (Philosophy)
History and necessity

Baron, Andrew (Psychology)
Reducing implicit prejudice across development

Birch, Susan (Psychology)
The nature and development of selective social learning: The role of credibility cues and their implications for social cognition and decision-making

Diewert, Walter Erwin (Economics)
PRODUCTIVITY: measures, measurement errors and public policies

Dollinger, Stefan (English)
Not just “another dictionary”: completing the dictionary of Canadianisms on historical principles

Ellerman, Antje (Political Science)
The ethics of immigrant admissions: Race, gender, class and disability in immigrant-receiving democracies

Frank, Adam (English)
Radio free Stein: sonic stagings of the plays of Gertrude Stein

Gordillo, Gaston (Anthropology)
In the path of the bulldozers: Local responses to agribusiness on the Argentine soybean frontier

Hansson, Gunnar (Linguistics)
Long-distance phonotactics: Learning bias, change, and typology

Johnston, Charlotte (Psychology)
Parenting cognitions: implicit and explicit measures in relation to parenting

Kingstone, Alan (Psychology)
Social attention in the wild

Kuus, Merje (Geography)
Geographies of expertise: knowledge and authority in European union external relations

Lauster, Nathanael (Sociology)
Stabilizing everyday routines: Linking home and housing in Vancouver and Kinngait, Nunavut

Loo, Tina (History)
Moved by the state: forced relocation, state power, and the “good life” in postwar Canada

Margolis, Eric (Philosophy)
Number concepts and numerical cognition

Marmer, Vadim (Economics)
Weak identification in parametric and nonparametric econometric models

Marshall, Sheila (School of Social Work)
Over 2 U: governance transfer between parents and adolescents

Oprea, Ryan (Economics)
Experimental markets

Rymhs, Deena (English)
Directing traffic: Roads, mobility, and violence in indigenous writingSchmidt, Jerry (Asian Studies)
Classic poets of Shanghai (1700-1940) and the rise of Chinese modernity

Schmader, Tanya (Psychology)
The social context of social identity threat

Sundstrom, Lisa (Political Science)
Russian gender discrimination cases and the european court of human rights: Barriers and opportunities

Tenzer, Michael (Music)
Approaches to the analysis of musical time

Wilson, Roger (Religious Studies)
Living in luxury in late Roman Sicily: excavating a high-status rural villa

Wiltschko, Martina (Linguistics)
Towards a formal typology of confirmationals

Connection Grants – 2012 Awards

Duranti, Luciana (School of Library, Archival and Information Studies)
The Memory of the World in the digital age: digitization and digital preservation

Kojevnikov, Alexei (History)
Dark Matters: Contents and Discontents of Cold War Science

Potter, Pitman (Institute of Asian Research)
Public Health Policy in Asia: Rights, Risk and Redistribution

Insight Development Grants – February 2012 Competition Awards

Berryman, Sylvia (Philosophy)
Ethics and Global Poverty

Henrich, Joseph (Psychology)
Pathways to leadership: an investigation into the nature and effectiveness of leadership based on dominance or prestige

Mathijs, Ernest (Theatre and Film)
Digital Cinema in Transition

Mikami, Amori (Psychology)
Online social communication patterns and adjustment during students’ transition to university

Nomokonova, Tatiana (Anthropology)
Seal-hunter interactions on Lake Baikal, Siberia

Raibmon, Paige (History)
The Life History and Knowledge of Elsie Paul, Sliammon elder and knowledge keeper

Woody, Sheila (Psychology)
The Sanctity of Home: Clutter, Clean-outs, Evictions, and Outcomes

Zuberi, Daniyal M. (Sociology)
Creating Good Jobs: Mobilizing Cross-Sectoral Coalitions to Create Living Wage, Family Sustaining Employment

NSERC Current Award Winners

Discovery Grants Program Individual – November 2014 Competition Awards

Bischof, Walter (Psychology)
Eye Movements in Perception, Interaction and Visual Guidance of Actions

Chen, Frances (Psychology)
Psychophysiological Responses to Eye Contact

Gick, Bryan (Linguistics)
Neuromuscular Modules in Speech Production: Biomechanics and Simulation

Richards, Michael (Anthropology)
Multi-isotope analysis of palaeofauna sequences as indicators of past environments and climates

Savalei, Victoria (Psychology)
Two-stage methodology for regression, path analysis, and structural equation models with item-level missingness

Shekhar, Sudip (Anthropology)
Circuits and Systems Enabling Silicon-Photonics Signaling

Ward, Lawrence (Psychology)
Fast dynamics of brain regional networks underlying cognition

Werker, Janet (Psychology)
The role of multisensory redundancy in infant speech perception and language acquisition

Past Award Winners

Research Tools and Instruments Grants Program - October 2013 Competition Awards

Snyder, Jason (Psychology)
Manipulating Neural Circuits with Optogenetic Equipment

Winstanley, Catharine (Psychology)
Establishing an Optogenetics Cognitive Behavioural Suite

Discovery Grants Program Individual – November 2013 Competition Awards

Church, Michael (Geography)
Studies of fluvial sediment transport, sedimentation and river morphology

Gick, Bryan (Linguistics)
Biomechanics of speech motor modules

Graf, Peter (Psychology)
Prospective memory across the adult lifespan

Handy, Todd (Psychology)
The cognitive neuroscience of selective attention in dynamic behavioural and psychological contexts

Henry, Gregory (Geography)
Species and ecosystem constraints on greening high Arctic tundra in a changing climate

Kasahara, Hiroyuki (Economics)
Likelihood-based tests for the number of components in finite mixture models

Soma, Kiran (Psychology)
Glucocorticoids and development of the immune system

Todd, Rebecca, (Psychology)
Spatial and temporal mechanisms of affect-biased attention

Zhao, Jiaying (Psychology)
Attentional control driven by statistical learning

Discovery Grants Program Individual – November 2012 Competition Awards

Donner, Simon (Geography)
Learning from experience: An interdisciplinary field and modelling research program to predict the future of coastal ecosystems in a warmer, higher carbon world

Enns, James (Psychology)
Visual Perception and Attention

Floresco, Stan (Psychology)
Dopaminergic circuitry underlying cognitive flexibility

Galea, Liisa (Psychology)
Hormones and Learning and Memory

Henry, Gregory (Geography)
Effects of changing precipitation regimes on high Arctic tundra ecosystems in a warming climate

Rankin, Catharine (Psychology)
Genetic Dissection of a Complex Behavioral Phenotype

Snyder, Jason (Psychology)
Properties of neurons born in development vs. adulthood

Williams, Jennifer (Geography)
The influence of environmental change and evolution on population dynamics

CIHR Current Award Winners

New Investigator Grants – November 2013 Competition Awards

Synder, Jason (Psychology)
New neurons, stress and memory: behavioural functions and cellular mechanisms

Past Award Winners

Operating Grants – September 2013 Competition Awards

Floresco Stanley (Psychology)
Dopaminergic circuits and risky decision making

Soma, Kiran (Psychology)
Neuroendocrine regulation of adult neuroplasticity and behaviour

Operating Grants – March 2013 Competition Awards

Floresco Stanley (Psychology)
Cortical GABAerigc regulation of cognition, and its relevance to schizophrenia

Rankin, Catherine (Psychology)
Investigating behavioural phenotype and function of networks of genes implicated in neurological and psychiatric disorders using an invertebrate animal model

Operating Grant: Population Health Intervention Research – December 2012 Awards

Bell, Kirsten (Anthropology)
Confronting cigarette packaging: a comparative study of the ethics and effects of fear-based warning labels

Operating Grants – September 2012 Competition Awards

Makami, Amori (Psychology)
Parents as Friendship Coaches for Children with ADHD

Operating Grants – March 2012 Competition Awards

Hoppmann, Christiane (Psychology)
It takes two to tango – on the role of collaborative problem-solving for spousal health dynamics in old age

Tracy, Jessica (Psychology)
Self-conscious emotions and alcoholism

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