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Attn: SSHRC Researchers applying to the Insight Development Grant

In preparation for the 2012 SSHRC Insight Development Grant (IDG) competition due Feb 1st (ORS deadline Mon, Jan 30th), SPARC (Support Programs to Advance Research Capacity) is circulating this notice to inform the SSHRC research community of available support and resources.   **All resources are CWL protected, and available here: **

1. Tips and Templates **new**
This is a consolidation of strategic tips plus a grant template created from the application instructions to guide researchers with the free-typed modules.  Available on the SPARC web as a PDF, if you would like the template as a word document, please notify Nicole.

2. Selection Criteria – Evaluation Grid
This grid breaks down the individual points of assessment for the three selection criteria of Challenge (50%), Feasibility (20%) and Capability (30%).   An example is provided to demonstrate reviewer remarks and the calculation of the final score.

3. SSHRC IDG Sample Grants
Five past successful sample grants ranging from Art History to Forestry have kindly been provided. Four of the grants are available both electronically and in-house and one grant is in-house only (available at the SPARC office).  Visit SPARC to read the sample grants and discuss your proposal.

4. SPARC Internal Review, Strategic Review, and Faculty-based Grant Development
Internal Review will be available for those who are able to provide a well-developed draft of the five-page proposal, plus any other of the free-typed modules, on or before Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 to  The draft will be returned to you with scholarly feedback by Monday, January 23rd.  SPARC strategic grant development may also be available and is subject to internal review uptake.  Please contact Nicole Bennett to discuss this option.  Different types of Grant Development services may be offered within your faculty, school or department; please check with your local research support representatives.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to

Kind regards,

Nicole M. Bennett
Internal Review Officer – NSERC/SSHRC
SPARC |  VP Research and International Office

University of British Columbia
TEFIII, Room 101, 6190 Agronomy Rd | Vancouver, BC   V6T 1Z3
604.822.5386 | 604.822.5356 |

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Other Resources

Funding Agency Coordinators

Funding Agency Coordinators work closely with researchers. Their mandate is to build research capacity and create nodes of collaborative research across the campus community. Researchers may contact Coordinators directly.

CFI Coordinator
Dr. Michael Blades
Professor, Dept. of Chemistry
(604) 827-5170

Health Research Coordinator (CIHR, MSFHR, NIH, etc.)
Dr. Janice Eng
Professor, Dept. of Physical Therapy
(604) 714-4105

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Coordinator
Dr. Rabab Ward
Professor, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
(604) 822-9428

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Coordinator
Dr. Ralph Matthews
Professor, Dept. of Sociology
(604) 822-4386

For more information, visit UBC VP, Research & International.