About Arts

UBC’s Faculty of Arts is a research-intensive faculty, encompassing a full range of courses in the social sciences, humanities, and creative and performing arts. The Faculty provides compelling opportunities to explore and choose among 2,000 courses taught by more than 750 scholars who are leaders in their fields.

As the university’s largest academic unit, the Faculty educates more than 13,000 students in bachelors, masters, and doctoral programs in 15 departments, five schools, four institutes, the Museum of Anthropology, the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, and many exciting interdisciplinary programs. Truly unique in its scope, the Faculty of Arts is a dynamic and thriving community of outstanding scholars—both faculty and students.

    • Arts is the largest Faculty at the University of British Columbia with more than 25 departments, schools, institutes and programs, and 550 tenure stream faculty members.
      Arts students have wide options in composing their studies, and many elective credits to build expertise and be world ready upon graduation. We encourage our students to chart their own course of study and build multiple areas of expertise, to immerse themselves in diverse learning experiences, and to design interdisciplinary degree pathways that are as unique as they are.
    • The Arts degree builds on traditional Arts studies and is integrating career preparation at all stages.
      We are training students for a long career of successful transitions and new challenges, not just for their first job. In Arts, students learn that finding solutions requires viewing problems from multiple perspectives so that they can see things that others don’t and devise solutions that others can’t even imagine. UBC Arts graduates are not just ready for a job, but for lifelong careers that will transform their lives, their communities, and our world.

    • Many of our departments and researchers in Arts are ranked among the world’s best.
      The Faculty of Arts brings together the best of quantitative research, humanistic inquiry, and artistic expression under one umbrella. Our research scope spans the spectrum in humanities, social sciences, the creative and performing arts and professional schools.

    • Arts offers students effective, diverse and high-impact experiential learning opportunities.
      These include: Arts Undergraduate Research Awards, Community Service Learning courses, Arts Co-op, Arts Internship, International learning, student mobility and destination study.

    • Arts provides high quality teaching and learning to ensure that our students have the best academic learning environment possible.
      Arts currently has 58 faculty in the professor of teaching track – part of UBC’s new educational leadership stream to further support high quality teaching.