Heads & Directors Listing


Department of Anthropology Michael Blake (Head)
Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory Scott Watson (Head)
Department of Asian Studies Joshua Mostow (Acting Head)
Department of Central, Eastern, and Northern European Studies Geoffrey Winthrop-Young (Head)
Department of Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies Leanne Bablitz (Head)
Department of English Siân Echard (Head)
Department of French, Hispanic, and Italian Studies Joël Castonguay-Bélanger (Head)
Department of Geography Marwan Hassan (Head)
Department of History Eagle Glassheim (Head)
Department of Linguistics Lisa Matthewson (Acting Head)
Department of Philosophy Paul Bartha (Head)
Department of Political Science Barbara Arneil (Head)
Department of Psychology Geoffrey Hall (Head)
Department of Sociology Guy Stecklov (Head)
Department of Theatre and Film Stephen Heatley (Head)


Vancouver School of Economics David Green (Director)
UBC School of Journalism Alfred Hermida (Director)
iSchool: School of Library, Archival, and Information Studies Luanne Freund (Acting Director)
School of Music Richard Kurth (Director)
School of Social Work Miu Chung Yan (Director)


Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice Denise Ferreira Da Silva (Director)
Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies Sheryl Lightfoot and Mark Turin (Acting Co-Directors)
School of Public Policy and Global Affairs Moura Quayle (Director pro tem)


Creative Writing Program Alix Ohlin (Chair)
 First-Year Programs  Laurie McNeill (Chair)

Museums & Cultural Venues

AHVA Gallery at the Audain Centre Scott Watson (Director)
Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery Scott Watson (Director)
Museum of Anthropology Anthony Shelton (Director)
Chan Centre for the Performing Arts Joyce Hinton and Cameron McGill (Co-Managing Directors)