Justin Trudeau lends support to Tamara Taggart campaign in Vancouver-Kingsway

Vancouver Sun Sun Mar 24 2019 By: Matt Robinson

Gerald Baier, a professor of political science at UBC, spoke to the Vancouver Sun (also in The Province) about former TV anchor Tamara Taggart’s campaign for a political seat.

‘Reproduction’ is an inventive and tender portrait of family life in all its forms

Rubble Thu Mar 21 2019 By: Sheila Giffen

Rabble published a review of the debut novel by Ian Williams, a professor of creative writing at UBC.

Falling retail sales confirm suspicions about a slowing economy, but could B.C. weather the storm?

Business in Vancouver Fri Mar 22 2019 By: Albert Van Santvoort

Business in Vancouver spoke to Kevin Milligan, a professor of economics at UBC, about the slowing economy.

EU leaders could offer Brexit extension

CTV Fri Mar 22 2019 By: CTV

CTV interviewed Kurt Huebner, a political science professor at the Institute for European Studies at UBC, about the possibility of an extension to Brexit.

The fear of losing it all

The Cut Thu Mar 21 2019 By: Charlotte Cowles

Jiaying Zhao, a UBC psychologist who studies scarcity, spoke to The Cut about how the feeling of not having enough money affects cognitive abilities.

The man bringing dead languages back to life

BBC Future Fri Mar 22 2019 By: Alex Rawlings

BBC Future spoke to Candace Kaleimamoowahinekapu Galla, a native Hawaiian and associate professor at UBC, in an article about resurrecting lost languages.

This is the world’s happiest country in 2019

CNN Thu Mar 21 2019 By: Katia Hetter

CNN quoted John Helliwell, a professor emeritus of economics at UBC, in an article about the World Happiness Report.

Big religion may have gotten too much credit for the evolution of modern society

Scientific American Wed Mar 20 2019 By: Marcus Woo

Scientific American mentioned Edward Slingerland, a historian and religious scholar and Ara Norenzayan, a psychologist at UBC, in an article about pro-social religions.

Five key takeaways from the Arctic Frontiers conference

Canadian Geographic Wed Mar 20 2019 By: Brian Banks

Michael Byers, a professor of political science at UBC, was featured in a Canadian Geographic article about the Arctic Frontiers conference in Norway.

B.C. targets Asian alternatives in diversification plan

Richmond News Wed Mar 20 2019 By: Chuck Chiang

Richmond News spoke to Yves Tiberghien, director emeritus of the Institute of Asian Research at UBC, in an article about trade in Asia.

Relax: An asteroid will just miss hitting Earth. But our actions could still have a deep impact

Globe and Mail Wed Mar 20 2019 By: Michael Byers and Aaron Boley

The Globe and Mail featured an op-ed by Michael Byers, Canada Research Chair in global politics and international law and Aaron Boley, Canada Research Chair in planetary astronomy, discussing the opportunities and challenges that asteroids passing close to Earth’s orbit present.

How Canada gets squeezed between China and the U.S.

NPR Tue Mar 19 2019 By: Jackie Northam

NPR interviewed Paul Evans, an Asia specialist with the school of public policy and global affairs at UBC, for a story on the Huawei CFO case.

U.S. college bribery scandal unlikely in Canada, but well-off families, students do have advantages

Globe and Mail Sun Mar 17 2019 By: Laura Kane

The Globe and Mail quoted Emily Truong-Cheung, a PhD student in sociology at UBC, in an article about the advantages of students having well-off families.

Space is ‘a busy place’ and Canada needs to be there

The Tyee Mon Mar 18 2019 By: David Beers

An interview with Michael Byers, a professor and Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law, appeared in The Tyee.

The one parenting trick everybody needs to know

Today's Parent Fri Mar 15 2019 By: Lisa Kadane

Today’s Parent quoted Susan Birch, a professor in psychology at UBC, in an article about positive reinforcement in parenting.