Baloney Meter: Is voter information card a doorway to electoral fraud?

Canadian Press Thu May 17 2018 By: Jim Bronskill

The Canadian Press interviewed Richard Johnston, Canada Research Chair in public opinion, elections and representation at UBC, after members of the Conservative Party made claims of possible voter fraud in the 2015 election. “The question of electoral fraud just was not an issue,” he said. The CP story appeared on CTV and in the National Post and Times Colonist.

Earliest version of our alphabet possibly discovered

Live Sciencer Wed May 16 2018 By: Owen Jarus

Live Science reported that Thomas Schneider, a UBC professor of Egyptology and Near Eastern studies, found what could be the earliest example of our alphabet on a 3,400-year-old inscribed piece of Egyptian pottery. Schneider said the discovery “would be the first historical attestation of ‘our’ alphabet sequence.”

How income affects the brain

The Atlantic Tue May 15 2018 By: Olga Khazan

The Atlantic quoted Jiaying Zhao, a UBC psychology professor, for an article about a new study from the University of Texas at Dallas connecting lower socioeconomic status to detrimental brain changes. Zhao, who was not involved in the study, explained how research shows “chronic poverty can influence brain anatomy.”

Here’s why these women say B.C. has a lot of work to do on pay equity

Star Vancouver Wed May 9 2018 By: Alex McKeen

Sylvia Fuller, a UBC professor who specializes in work and labour, spoke to the Star Vancouver about the gender pay gap in B.C. Fuller said the province has “a lot of catch up to do” on pay equality. She also spoke to Star Vancouver for similar article.

Smartphones distract parents from connecting with their kids: Study

CBS Thu May 10 2018

CBS reported on a study by UBC psychology researcher Elizabeth Dunn and Kostadin Kushlev from the University of Virginia. They examined how smartphone use affects parenting.

Film scholar, ‘accidental scientist’ among winners of Killam Prize

Canadian Press Tue May 8 2018

The Canadian Press reported that Janet Werker, a UBC psychology researcher and Canada Research Chair, is one of five winners of the prestigious Killam Prize. Werker’s research examines language acquisition among infants who are raised in monolingual and bilingual environments. The CP story appeared on CBC and in the Globe and MailNational PostCalgary Herald, and Winnipeg Free Press.

Single educated women outnumber male peers in many Ontario cities

CBC Wed May 2 2018

CBC Kitchener-Waterloo interviewed Marina Adshade, a UBC economics professor, in a story about census results that shed light on the number of single educated women in many Ontario cities. Adshade said it is typical to have more single educated women in most cities except for those with male-dominated industries.

End of Korean War could reunite thousands of separated families after decades apart

Global Sat April 28 2018 By: Jessica Vomiero

Global interviewed Paul Evans, a UBC professor of Asian and trans-Pacific affairs, for a story about possible family reunions following the end of the Korean War. He noted that while talks of family meetings and an eventual end to the war that divided them are hopeful, there are obstacles to be overcome throughout peace talks.

The social media burn

Castanet Mon April 30 2018 By: Chantelle Deacon

David Tindall, a UBC sociology professor, spoke to Castanet about the impact of banter that takes place on social media sites. “Sometimes what people say on social media gets magnified because of the polarizing effects of social media,” he said.

Analyzing peace talks in the Korea Peninsula

Global Sun April 29 2018 By: Shawn McCarthy

Don Baker, a UBC Asian studies professor, spoke to various media outlets about Korean peace talks and possible Canadian sanctions against North Korea. He spoke to Global, the Globe and Mail and News 1130 on the same topic.

NDP case against Trans Mountain pipeline may be hurt by previous legal arguments

Canadian Press Sun April 29 2018 By: Linda Givetash

Kathryn Harrison, a UBC political science professor, spoke to the Canadian Press about legal issues with the Trans Mountain pipeline. She explained why legal battles over environmental authority are rare. The CP story appeared on CBCCTV, in the Globe and Mail and Vancouver Sun.

‘Urgent actions’ needed to address violence against Indigenous women, girls: UN report

CBC Fri April 27 2018 By: Chantelle Bellrichard

CBC quoted Sarah Hunt, a professor at UBC’s First Nation and Indigenous Studies program, after the United Nations special rapporteur on violence against women weighed in on the situation in Canada. Hunt said it’s notable how much time the special rapporteur spent talking specifically about violence against Indigenous women and girls. The story also appeared on Yahoo.

Draft lottery: Let’s work together to change Canucks’ luck

Vancouver Sun Thu April 26 2018 By: Randy Shore

Sabina Magliocco, a UBC sociocultural anthropology professor who studies ritual and magic, was interviewed for a Vancouver Sunarticle about the Canucks and the NHL Draft. She discussed practices involved in luck-changing. The story also appeared in The Province.

‘Last second’ email on planning shocks, dismays Chinatown advocates

Vancouver Sun Thu April 26 2018 By: John Mackie

The Vancouver Sun quoted Henry Yu, a UBC history professor, after the city of Vancouver sent out an email that recommended several changes to a Chinatown Planning Update. Yu discussed the negative response to the email. The story also appeared in The Province.

Gamelan festival glides into new territory at Roundhouse

Georgia Straight Wed April 25 2018 By: Alexander Varty

Michael Tenzer, a UBC ethnomusicology professor, spoke to the Georgia Straight for an article about the Gamelan at the Roundhouse festival. Tenzer spoke about I Putu Gede Sukaryana, who performs under the stage name Balot.