Second Draft: Montreal’s first policewomen played limited roles

Montreal Gazette Fri April 28 2017 By: John Kalbfleisch

Tamara Myers, a UBC historian, was quoted in a Montreal Gazette article about the first female police officers in Montreal. Myers, who studied the career of one of these women, wrote that the officer found that “a chaotic social order had evolved in Montreal.”

A growing divide

Globe and Mail Fri April 28 2017 By: Justine Hunter

Craig Riddell, an economics professor at UBC, was quoted in a Globe and Mail article about widening inequality in B.C. Riddell said Canada’s growing prosperity is not being shared equally.

Only thing harder than parsing Trump is doing it for posterity

Quartz Sun April 30 2017 By: Daisy Alioto

Luciana Duranti, a professor in UBC’s archival program, was quoted in a Quartz story about presidential archiving. Duranti said archivists have policies and procedures that determine their ethics.

Analyzing the body language from the leaders’ debate

Global Thu April 27 2017

Zachary Witkower, a UBC psychology master’s candidate and body language expert, was interviewed on Global about the leaders’ debate. He explained some of the emotions conveyed by Christy Clark, John Horgan and Andrew Weaver.

U.S. child poverty a disgrace. Experts embrace plan to cut it

Vox Thu April 27 2017 By: Dylan Matthews

Vox cited research by Kevin Milligan, a UBC economist, in an article about child poverty in the United States. Milligan and Mark Stabile from the University of Toronto found that Canada’s child benefit expansions improved test scores and health outcomes.

Lumber, child poverty: Were Clark’s debate claims accurate?

CBC Thu April 27 2017 By: Natalie Clancy

CBC quoted Kevin Milligan, a UBC economist, in a story that fact-checked a claim about child poverty made by Christy Clark during the election debate. Milligan said Clark chose to cite only one of three measures of poverty that describe the situation in Canada.

Ontario’s ‘basic income’ pilot sends most money to grown kids

National Post Thu April 27 2017 By: Kevin Milligan

The National Post published an op-ed by Kevin Milligan, a UBC economics professor, about Ontario’s basic income plan. He wrote that the plan targets a wide range of adults who may not require the benefits.

Trade minister courts China for softwood, U.S. announces duties

Canadian Press Tue April 25 2017 By: Mike Blanchfield

The Canadian Press interviewed Paul Evans, a professor at UBC’s Institute of Asian Research and the Liu Institute for Global Issues, in a story about Canada courting China as a buyer for softwood lumber.

Evans said China’s current curiosity about Canada goes beyond the topic of softwood lumber.

The story appeared on CBC, CP 24, Yahoo, Maclean’s and the Calgary Herald.

Shortchanged junior hockey players look to even the score

BC Business Mon April 24 2017

Thomas Lemieux, director of UBC’s Vancouver School of Economics, was quoted in a BC Business story about the business of major junior hockey in Canada. Lemieux said it is difficult to determine how major junior athletes should be categorized as employees.

When actors mixed politics and comedy in ancient Rome

Smithsonian Magazine Mon April 24 2017 By: Lorraine Boissoneault

C.W. Marshall, a professor in UBC’s department of classical, Near Eastern and religious studies, was quoted in a Smithsonian Magazine article about comedy among the Romans. Marshall said men, citizen men and literate citizen men in Rome were most likely to have created and consumed comedy.

Can we still trust polls?

The Tyee Mon April 24 2017 By: Brent Holmes

Richard Johnston, a UBC political scientist, was quoted in a story about election polls in The Tyee. Johnston said the electorate is in a very similar position to 1991, meaning that Andrew Weaver and the Green Party might surprise people by affecting the shape of the legislature.

Kids can’t vote, but child care a critical election issue

Vancouver Sun Sun April 23 2017 By: Lori Culbert

Kevin Milligan, a UBC economist, spoke to the Vancouver Sun about the BC Liberals’ child-care plan. He said the Liberal goal to create 8,700 more child-care spaces before 2020 will not be enough to meet the demand. The story also appeared in The Province.

Opinion: Can Carrie Lam heal a deeply divided Hong Kong?

Vancouver Sun Mon April 24 2017 By: Leo K. Shin

Leo K. Shin, a UBC associate professor of history and Asian studies, wrote an op-ed for the Vancouver Sun about the next chief executive of Hong Kong. Shin wrote that Carrie Lam was selected for the role because she was the candidate who was “least likely to rock the boat.”

Will Islam inherit the earth?

Daily Beast Sat April 22 2017 By: Brandon Withrow

Ara Norenzayan, a UBC psychology professor and director of UBC’s Centre for Human Evolution, Cognition, and Culture, was quoted in a Daily Beast article about the increasing number of children born to Muslims. Norenzayan said it’s obvious that religions with pronatalist traditions are more likely to increase in population.

Brain remembers languages you think you forgot

Scientific American April 2017 By: Jane C. Hu

Janet Werker, a UBC professor of psychology, commented on a study that found language learning can be retained subconsciously.

Werker, who was not involved in the study, told Scientific American that it’s exciting that the effects were seen among adults who were only exposed to the Korean language up to six months of age.