B.C. could save $1.6-billion by cancelling Site C: UBC report

Globe and Mail Wed April 19 2017 By: Michael Ruffolo

Various media outlets highlighted a report by UBC geography professor Karen Bakker that found the Site C dam no longer makes economic sense. Bakker said there is a strong case for the project to be paused. Stories appeared on Globe and MailDeSmog Canada, National ObserverYahoo, CBC, Global, Business in Vancouver, and Indo-Canadian Voice.

David and Goliath: Vancouver academic retires, after 45 years

South China Morning Post Thu April 20 2017 By: Ian Young

The South China Morning Post profiled UBC geography professor David Ley who will officially retire at the end of the year. Ley spent decades studying Vancouver’s housing market.

Industry belief regarding female filmmakers

Georgia Straight Mon April 17 2017 By: Craig Takeuchi

Sharon McGowan, a UBC film professor, spoke at an event about women in film on International Women’s Day, the Georgia Straight reported. McGowan said we are still far from gender equity in screen industries, according to Women in View’s annual report.

Decision BC: Will the youth show up to vote?

CKNW Sun April 16 2017 By: Simon Little

Richard Johnston, a UBC political science professor, spoke to CKNW about how the age profile of voters in the B.C. election will likely be similar to previous years. He said the 2015 federal election was unique because Justin Trudeau was able to draw first-time voters. The story also appeared on iNews 880 and AM 730.

Summer Institute for Future Legislators

Global Sun April 16 2017

Maxwell Cameron, a UBC political science professor, spoke to Global about a program designed to teach the skills required to succeed in the legislature. Cameron said the program, which includes a parliamentary session in Victoria, aims to show people the practical side of working in politics.

Can the NDP deliver on $10-a-day child care?

CBC Thu April 13 2017 By: Eric Rankin

CBC interviewed Kevin Milligan, a UBC professor of economics, about the feasibility of the NDP’s proposed childcare plan. He said although the numbers seems to add up, it is crucial to see how the NDP will pay for and implement the plan. Milligan was also quoted in a Business in Vancouver story about the environment for investment in B.C.

Social indicators show true colours, people vote for other reasons

Vancouver Sun Mon April 10 2017 By: Tracy Sherlock

The Vancouver Sun interviewed Gerald Baier, a UBC professor of political science, for an article on motivations for voting ahead of the B.C. provincial election. Baier said there is evidence that a strong economy will lead to people electing the same government.

Four surprises from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago meeting with Xi

Globe and Mail Sat April 8 2017 By: Yves Tiberghien

The Globe and Mail published an op-ed by Yves Tiberghien, the director of UBC’s Institute of Asian Research, about the meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping of China. Tiberghien wrote that the two sides confronted their views and agreed on the next steps.

How 23andMe won back the right to foretell your diseases

Wired Sat April 8 2017 By: Anna Vlasits

Wired quoted Steven Heine, a UBC psychologist, after the FDA approved that a genetic testing company can sell customers information about their susceptibility to certain diseases and other heritable genetic traits. He said people cannot easily make sense of probability, and it’s a challenge to ensure the average person can understand DNA test results.

After Syria, is there still a taboo against use of chemical weapons?

Washington Post Fri April 7 2017 By: Richard Price

Richard Price, a UBC political scientist, wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post about the use of chemical weapons after Donald Trump launched a cruise missile strike to punish the Syrian regime for allegedly using chemical weapons. Price wrote that a deal with Syria’s ally Russia, removed more of the lethal chemical weapons than any military attack would have.

College grads stuck with low wages as U.S. hiring heats up

Bloomberg Wed April 5 2017 By: Steve Matthews

Bloomberg quoted Paul Beaudry, a UBC economist, about the high number of college grads working in jobs that don’t require degrees in the U.S. Beaudry said though monetary policy can help to stimulate growth, solutions involving fiscal authorities are difficult to design.

Second pyramid bearing Pharaoh Ameny Qemau’s name found

Live Science Tue April 4 2017 By: Owen Jarus

Thomas Schneider, a UBC professor of Egyptology and Near Eastern studies, was quoted in a Live Science article on the discovery of a second pyramid that appears to bear the name of Pharaoh Ameny Qemau. Schneider agreed that photos from the pyramid do show the name.

Canadians now surprisingly ‘aware’ on Indigenous issues: poll

Metro News Wed April 5 2017 By: David P. Ball

Metro News quoted Linc Kesler, a UBC Indigenous studies professor, after an opinion poll found that Canadians see high unemployment rates and unsafe housing as the main issues to be addressed for Indigenous people. Kesler said it is good to see that so many people are aware of these pressing issues.

Refugees find same economic success as others over time

CBC Mon April 3 2017

CBC’s On The Coast featured an interview with Dan Hiebert, a UBC geography professor, about his research into the economic integration of refugees in major Canadian cities. Hiebert said after investments in early years there is a steady improvement in the economic fortunes of refugees over time.

Arctic research at a “crossroads” as network funding winds down

University Affairs Wed April 5 2017 By: Beck Rynor

University Affairs interviewed Greg Henry, a professor in UBC’s geography department, about Arctic research in Canada. Henry said although funding for other Arctic projects is running out, the federally funded Canadian High Arctic Research Station is something to look forward to.