B.C.’s Green releases new daycare plan to challenge NDP

Globe and Mail Wed April 5 2017 By: Ian Bailey

David Moscrop, a UBC political scientist, spoke to the Globe and Mail after B.C.’s Green Party released a daycare plan to challenge the BC NDP. Moscrop said the Greens may benefit from protest votes from those opposing either the Liberals or the New Democrats.

More than 9 million Americans consider suicide every year

Vox Thu March 30 2017 By: Doug Dennis

Sarah Victor, a UBC PhD candidate in psychology, was quoted in a Vox article about suicide. Victor said psychologists aim to be aware of how the wording of questions can impact the answers from people asked to self-report if they have contemplated suicide.

Cultural stories provide roots for growth

Psychology Today Sun April 2 2017 By: Robin Fivush

A Psychology Today article on the benefits of cultural storytelling mentioned research by UBC psychologist Michael Chandler and his colleagues. They are studying First Nation groups in western Canada.

Facebook’s increasing control over news media is concerning

Fortune Fri March 31 2017 By: Mathew Ingram

Fortune highlighted a report about the influence of social media platforms on American journalism co-authored by Taylor Owen, a UBC professor of digital media and global affairs.

Owen and Emily Bell of Columbia University wrote that such platforms have been more influential than the shift from print to digital.

The stats bear it out: In Quebec, trust is low

Maclean's Thu March 30 2017 By: Cary Wu and Rima Wilkes

Rima Wilkes, a UBC sociology professor, and Cary Wu a sociology PhD candidate, wrote an op-ed about a controversial Maclean’s article about Quebec. They examine the claim that the province is a low-trust society.

Ethics and governance is getting lost in the AI frenzy

Globe and Mail Thu March 30 2017 By: Taylor Owen and Mike Ananny

Taylor Owen, a UBC professor of digital media and global affairs, and Mike Ananny, a professor at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, wrote an op-ed for the Globe and Mail after the federal government announced the creation of a non-profit hub for artificial intelligence.

They wrote that the government must make significant investments in the ethics of how artificial intelligence will be used.

Four surprising ways cities keep you healthy

Vancouver Magazine Wed March 29 2017 By: Maansi Pandya

Richard Carpiano, a UBC sociology professor, spoke to Vancouver Magazine about how Vancouver can address public health. He said cities must be designed with increasing urbanization in mind.

Paternity leave is a feminist issue

Montreal Gazette Tue March 28 2017 By: Allison Hanes

The Montreal Gazette cited a UBC study in a column about the need for exclusive paternity leave in Canada. The psychology research found dads who help with chores at home inspire their daughters to be more ambitious in their careers.

Europe faces a crossroads as Brexit process set to begin

CTV Sun March 26 2017

Kurt Huebner spoke with CTV National News about the anniversary of the European Union. He said that the EU is an integral political and cultural factor in Europe.

Dozens laid off from Vancouver Sun and Province newspapers

CKNW Fri March 24 2017 By: Jeremy Lye

Alfred Hermida, the director at the UBC School of Journalism, spoke to CKNW about journalist layoffs at Postmedia. He said although the corporation is having trouble adapting to the changing media industry, firing staff is not the best approach to the shift. Similar stories appeared on AM 730 and Metro.

Great schools defend faculty. What’s McGill’s excuse?

Globe and Mail Thu March 23 2017 By: Michael Byers

Michael Byers, the Canada Research Chair in global politics and international law at UBC, wrote an op-ed for the Globe and Mailafter the director of McGill Institute for the Study of Canada resigned. The resignation followed criticism of an op-ed the director wrote about Quebec. Inside Higher Ed also cited Byers’ op-ed.

Why Morneau got cold feet over ridding Canada of tax credits

Globe and Mail Thu March 23 2017 By: Kevin Milligan

The Globe and Mail published an op-ed about tax credits by Kevin Milligan, a professor at UBC’s Vancouver School of Economics. He suggested several structural solutions involving tax measures.

Attack ads get the job done — but at what price?

CBC Wed March 22 2017

Maxwell Cameron, a UBC political science professor with the Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions, spoke to CBC about the toxic effect of political attack ads. He said extremely negative campaigns can discourage people from engaging in politics.

Why women are getting more high-paying jobs

Fortune Wed March 22 2017 By: Madeline Farber

Fortune highlighted a study that found interpersonal skills are helping women move up in historically male-dominated fields.

Henry Siu, a UBC economics professor and one of the study’s authors, said skills like empathy and collaboration have been favouring women in high-paying jobs. The story also appeared on Yahoo.

How Canada’s immigration system really works

Maclean's Fri March 17 2017 By: Sadiya Ansari

Maclean’s published a Chatelaine story on the Canadian immigration system that featured an interview with Daniel Hiebert, a UBC professor of geography.

He said the current immigrant screening measures are sufficient and it would be obvious if there were a large number of first-generation immigrants committing crimes in Canada.