U.S., Mexican elections threat to prolonged NAFTA talks: Experts

Xinhua Thu September 21 2017 By: Evan Duggan

Tomasz Swiecki, a UBC economics professor and trade expert, spoke to Xinhua about NAFTA discussions. He said political distractions caused by the U.S. mid-term elections and the Mexican presidential vote next year could freeze the prolonged NAFTA talks.

Even yoga teachers can stretch themselves too far

CBC Tue September 19 2017

CBC interviewed Richard Carpiano, a UBC professor of public policy and sociology, about people who burnout from too much work. He said a shift in public policy and corporate culture is needed to prevent people from neglecting their health in favour of their career. The story also appeared on Yahoo.

All mouth and no ears: Settlers with Opinions

The Conversation Tue September 19 2017 By: Daniel Heath Justice

Daniel Heath Justice, a UBC professor and Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Literature and Expressive Culture, wrote an op-ed for The Conversation about people who apologize for colonialism. He wrote about people who want Indigenous peoples to “abandon the legacies, lands, languages, relations, commitments and complexities that have always rooted and sustained our nations.” The article also appeared in Maclean’s.

Trudeau heads to NATO, G7 summits, where Trump is top of mind

Canadian Press Wed September 20 2017 By: Joanna Smith

The Canadian Press quoted Allan Sens, a UBC political science professor, about Donald Trump meeting with Trudeau and other leaders at the NATO summit. Sens said “at this very delicate moment, the United States… is led by the Trump administration with its established record of volatility, uncertainty and impulsiveness.” The CP story appeared in the Montreal Gazette and The Province.

Subsidy program ‘appropriate’ for new plan transition: Horgan

Globe and Mail Tue September 19 2017 By: Ian Bailey

Two UBC political science professors weighed in on the B.C. subsidy program for campaign finance legislation. The Globe and Mail interviewed Richard Johnston who said there’s no consensus among academics on how the subsidies have worked in Canada. Maxwell Cameron told DeSmog Canada that tax returns for political donations are “a form of publicly subsidizing political parties.”

B.C. introduces bill to ban big money in politics

DeSmog Canada Mon September 18 2017 By: Carol Linnitt

DeSmog Canada interviewed Maxwell Cameron, a UBC political scientist, for an article a provincial bill to ban corporate and union donations. He discussed documents that reveal that B.C.’s climate plan under the previous Liberal government was drafted by the oil and gas industry, saying “I think this is deeply corrosive to our democracy and it encourages cynicism about politics.” Cameron also spoke to The Province and Vancouver Sun on the same topic.

Is Canada ready for a nuclear strike from North Korea?

CTV Mon September 18 2017 By: Josh K. Elliott

Allen Sens, a UBC political science professor, was quoted in a CTV story about the possibility of a nuclear strike from North Korea on Canada. He said the Americans would try to intercept an incoming strike with ballistic missile defences, regardless of whether they thought it was headed for Canada or the U.S.

The hidden risks of opening up trade with China

MSN Mon September 18 2017 By: Joe Castaldo

Michael Byers, a UBC political scientist, was quoted in a Canadian Business story published on MSN, about trade between Canada and China. Byers said “the Trudeau government is only just learning that China needs to be treated with extreme caution as an investment partner.” The story also appeared in Maclean’s.

Acting against racism

North Shore News Sat September 16 2017 By: Brent Richter

Sunera Thobani, a professor in the department of Asian studies at the Institute for gender, race, sexuality and social justice, was quoted in a North Shore News article about combatting racism. Thobani said “the everyday forms of racism that are connected to … extremist versions are overlooked and they continue to be either justified or normalized.”

Trudeau’s tax reforms: Here’s how the loopholes work

Global Sun September 17 2017 By: Erica Alini

Kevin Milligan, a UBC professor of economics, spoke to Globalabout federal tax reforms. He said “the legislation might be ambiguous.” Work on the same topic by Milligan was also mentioned in a Financial Post article (also in the Regina Leader-Post) and in the Globe and Mail.

If you think everyone else has more friends, you’re not alone

NPR Thu September 14 2017 By: April Fulton

NPR reported on a UBC study that found believing you have fewer friends than others is enough to make people feel worse about themselves. Ashley Whillans, a professor at Harvard Business School who led the study as a PhD candidate at UBC, said “even if you’re someone who is doing pretty well socially, if you think everyone else has more friends, you experience lower levels of well-being and belonging.” A similar story appeared on Quartz.

Site C called first test for NDP’s commitment to Indigenous rights

The Tyee Wed September 13 2017 By: Zoë Ducklow

Sheryl Lightfoot, the Canada Research Chair in Global Indigenous Rights and Politics and a UBC professor, spoke to The Tyee about how the government recognizes Indigenous rights. She said partnership at all stages of decision making is a core way to implement free, prior and informed consent.

NDP sets course for a more affordable province

CBC Fri September 8 2017 By: Chad Pawson

Two UBC Arts professors spoke to local media about B.C. politics following the throne speech. Maxwell Cameron, a UBC political scientist, told CBC “if there is one thing the NDP must do, it’s get big money out of politics. This was a campaign promise.”

Richard Johnston, a political science professor, told Business in Vancouver “the nature of the relationship between the Greens and NDP is as critical as it was before."

Media diversity initiative among B.C. projects to get cash

Canadian Press Fri September 8 2017 By: Laura Kane

The Canadian Press interviewed Ayesha S. Chaudhry, a UBC professor in Islamic and gender studies, about a project to increase diversity in Vancouver’s news media.

She said “it’s really important that we have a diversity of voices, not just in terms of gender, but class, sexuality and race, so that the people who are watching the news see themselves represented and their concerns and their perspectives are also captured.” The CP story appeared on CTV and in the Vancouver Sun.

B.C. budget update an appetizer for next year’s main course

Canadian Press Sun September 10 2017 By: Geordon Omand

Kevin Milligan, an economist at UBC’s Vancouver School of Economics, spoke to the Canadian Press about the B.C. budget update. Milligan said he expects the update to include provisions for promises in the Green-NDP governing agreement. The CP story appeared in the Financial Post and National Observer.