Feds need to put spotlight on social media to prevent foreign interference: Prof

News 1130 Thu Aug 23 2018 By: Denise Wong and Estefania Duran

News 1130 interviewed Heidi Tworek, a UBC professor of international history, about protecting against foreign intervention in Canadian elections. She discussed the concerning role of social media.

Would you rather have more time or more money?

Psychology Today Thu Aug 23 2018 By: Ashley Whillans and Elizabeth Dunn

Psychology Today published an op-ed about happiness research co-written by Elizabeth Dunn, a UBC psychologist. “On average, people were happier after spending $40 on a time-saving purchase than after spending the same amount on a material thing,” wrote Dunn and Ashley Whillans.

Rich Canadians are outliving the poor, strikingly so among men

Globe and Mail Thu Aug 23 2018 By: Michael Babad

The Globe and Mail reported on a study co-authored by Kevin Milligan of UBC’s Vancouver School of Economics. The study found Canada’s highest-earning men are outliving the lowest-earning men by eight years.

Trudeau government poised to beef up bill to prevent foreign interference in 2019 election

Globe and Mail Sun Aug 19 2018 By: Joan Bryden

Taylor Owen, a professor of digital media and global affairs at UBC, will speak to federal ministers about securing elections against cyberthreats, the Globe and Mail reported. Owen co-authored a recent paper which proposed options to prevent the use of social media to manipulate election results.

How smartphones are making us miserable

Times of India Mon Aug 13 2018

A study on smartphone use co-authored by Elizabeth Dunn, a UBC psychology professor, was highlighted in Times of India. “The survey findings were especially notable because of the negative effects of phone use among university students, who are commonly known as digital natives,” Dunn said. The story also appeared on Financial Express.

Ontario’s basic income plan was welfare state on steroids but it didn’t have to be

Financial Post Thu Aug 9 2018 By: Pierre Poilievre

Work by Kevin Milligan, a UBC economist, was quoted in a Financial Post column on Ontario’s basic income plan. “If you add in CPP and EI payroll taxes and the phase out of income-tested child benefits, we could see basic income recipients retain only 10 cents on a dollar of earnings,” Milligan wrote. The story also appeared in The Province.

Octagon-shaped tomb reveals tales from Mongol-ruled China

Fox Fri Aug 10 2018 By: Owen Jarus

Fox News published a Live Science article about Mongols that cited a book written by Timothy Brook, a UBC history professor. Brook wrote about the period of Mongol rule that coincided with the Little Ice Age.

Modern technology may connect people better, but at a cost

Xinhua Sat Aug 11 2018

Xinhua reported on research by Elizabeth Dunn, a UBC psychology professor, that examined the impacts of smartphone use. Dunn and co-authors found that study participants felt more distracted during face-to-face interactions when they were using their smartphones compared with face-to-face interactions where they did not use a phone. Similar stories appeared in the Independent U.K. (also on Yahoo), UPIHealthDay and London Economic.

Prof sees minimal impact of randomized ballot on election

Georgia Straight Wed August 8 2018 By: Carlito Pablo

The Georgia Straight interviewed Richard Johnston, a UBC political scientist, about the impact of a randomized ballot for the Vancouver election. He doubts whether the new system of listing candidates is going to affect the election’s outcome.

Evolution study shows why pride is key to human survival

Inverse Tue August 7 2018 By: Sarah Sloat

Inverse interviewed Jessica Tracy, a UBC professor of psychology, for an article about the evolutionary significance of pride. “In all my work, I’ve argued for (and found support for) the evolutionary adaptiveness of pride,” she said. The story also appeared on Yahoo.

UBC lawyer named new UN watchdog for human rights and environment

Star Vancouver Wed Aug 1 2018 By: Ainslie Cruickshank

David Boyd, a professor on in the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs , was named the new United Nations watchdog for human rights and environment, Star Vancouver reported. He said he’s “frustrated” that Canada has yet to recognize the human right to a healthy environment.

UBC prof behind boot camp where people learn to be politicians

CKNW Wed Aug 1 2018

CKNW featured an interview with Max Cameron, a UBC political science professor, about a political boot camp at UBC that can teach people how to become politicians.

How well can other people read you?

BBC Mon July 30 2018 By: Christian Jarrett

BBC highlighted a new UBC psychology paper that offers new evidence that good judges do exist — people who can read people’s personalities and emotions like a book.  

Ethnic diversity matters for decentralisation and development

East Asia Forum Wed July 25 2018

East Asia Forum published an op-ed about the importance of ethnic diversity co-written by Kai Ostwald, a professor at UBC’s school of public policy and global affairs and the department of political science. “New research shows that patterns of ethnic segregation significantly affect the relationship between diversity and public goods provision,” wrote Ostwald, Krislert Samphantharak and Yuhki Tajima.

Extremism should ease with electoral reform

Vancouver Sun Fri July 20 2018 By: Douglas Todd

The Vancouver Sun published a review of Maxwell Cameron’s book Political Institutions and Practical Wisdom. Cameron is a political science professor at UBC and the head of UBC’s Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions. A video interview also appeared here.