Twitter isn’t the voice of the people, media shouldn’t say it is

CBC Wed June 27 2018

CBC Radio mentioned an essay by Heidi Tworek, who teaches the history of information at UBC. Her essay detailed how dependent journalists have become on Twitter.

Researcher studies giving donations for migrant family reunification

NPR Wed June 27 2018

Elizabeth Dunn, a UBC psychology professor, spoke to Boston NPR about the motivations behind giving as it pertains to donations for migrant family reunifications.

Why Canadian CEO pay has soared over the past decade

Globe and Mail Thu June 21 2018 By: Janet McFarland

Thomas Lemieux, a UBC economics professor, spoke to the Globe and Mail for a story about compensation for Canadian CEOs. He said while CEOs have bargaining power to push for optimal pay programs, unequal wealth growth is breeding resentment.

New app to teach Anishinaabemowin language

Globe and Mail Thu June 21 2018 By: Jack Hauen

The Globe and Mail interviewed Daisy Rosenblum, a First Nations and endangered languages assistant professor at UBC, about Indigenous language loss in Canada. She explained how it’s crucial for non-Indigenous Canadians to recognize the impact of losing a community’s language.

Can staggering income-assistance cheques reduce overdose risk?

Vancouver Sun Mon June 18 2018 By: Lindsey Richardson

The Vancouver Sun published an op-ed by Lindsey Richardson, a UBC sociology professor and research scientist with the B.C. Centre on Substance Use. “Research confirms what people have known for many years: that income-assistance payments…are associated with increases in drug and alcohol use and overdose risk,” she wrote.

Two-spirit erotic fiction shows personal is political

CBC Sun June 17 2018 By: Roshini Nair

CBC interviewed Daniel Heath Justice, a UBC professor and co-editor of one of the first published literary collections of two-spirit erotic writing. He curated the erotic readings for this year’s annual Queer Arts Festival in Vancouver.

UBC study confirms existence of ‘daddy bonus’

Georgia Straight Thu June 14 2018 By: Lucy Lau

The Georgia Straight reported on UBC research that found fathers don’t have to be the top worker in their office in order to get a raise. “Our findings suggest that employers are more likely to see fathers as deserving of promotions and higher wages because of an unfair assumption that men are the breadwinners in their families, and are therefore more likely to be hardworking and dependable,” said lead author and sociology professor Sylvia Fuller.  

In Trump trade war, Trudeau has Canadians’ support

Financial Post Mon June 11 2018 By: Kevin Carmichael

The Financial Post mentioned work by Kevin Milligan, a UBC economics professor, in a story about Canada’s approach to business taxation. Milligan recommended a review of the topic. The story also appeared in The Province.

Letters show Japanese-Canadian internment through teens’ eyes

CBC Mon June 11 2018 By: Matt Meuse

Laura Ishiguru, a UBC history professor, spoke to CBC about letters acquired by the UBC Library Rare Books and Special Collections. She explained how the letters illustrate a unique perspective of the internment of Japanese Canadians.

UBC experts on U.S./North Korea summit

National Post Tue June 12 2018 By: Douglas Quan

Two UBC professors weighed in on the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. Kyung-Ae Park, the Korea Foundation Chair at UBC’s Institute of Asian Research, spoke to the National Post about UBC’s annual welcome for a group of North Korean scholars.

Paul Evans, a professor at UBC’s School of Public Policy and Global Affairs and expert in Asian affairs, spoke to Global and News 1130 about the agreement to bring denuclearization to the Korean Peninsula.

Happiness research is subversive

Vancouver Sun Sat June 9 2018 By: Douglas Todd

The Vancouver Sun reviewed the UBC panel event “Happiness How-To: From Happiness Research to Happier Cities.”  The event was hosted by the Vancouver School of Economics, and John Helliwell, a UBC professor emeritus.

‘Growth coalition’ kept foreign money flowing into B.C. real estate

Globe and Mail Fri June 8 2018 By: Kerry Gold

The Globe and Mail mentioned several UBC academics in a story about a Chinese citizen’s legal challenge to B.C.’s property transfer tax for foreign buyers. Geography professor emeritus David Ley, history professor Henry Yu and sociology professor Nathanael Lauster all shared their expertise for the case.

On First Nations issues, there’s a giant gap between Trudeau’s rhetoric and what Canadians really think

Maclean's Thu June 7 2018 By: Aaron Hutchins

Sheryl Lightfoot, Canada Research Chair in global Indigenous rights and politics at UBC, spoke to Maclean’s about Indigenous issues in Canada. “What we’ve got is a country that’s woefully uneducated on Indigenous history and issues. Or they are living it every day and are close to it. There isn’t a lot in the middle,” she said.

Newcomers working for free in hopes of finding jobs in Vancouver

Star Vancouver Tue June 5 2018 By: Alex McKeen

Star Vancouver interviewed Sylvia Fuller, a UBC sociology professor and expert on equitable employment, for a story about immigrants working for free in Vancouver. She discussed how hiring practices often include “soft skills” that leads managers to hire people that seem similar to themselves.

Canadian labour force better off than that of the U.S. since 2000

Star Vancouver Mon June 4 2018 By: Alex McKeen

Star Vancouver quoted Thomas Lemieux, a UBC economist, for an article comparing the labour forces of Canada and the U.S. He said that the U.S. may have more significant problems related to precarious contract work.