DFO cracks down on illegal seafood sales on Facebook

CFNR Tue Jan 12 2016 By: Gene Law

Canada’s First Nations Radio (CFNR) spoke with UBC anthropology professor Charles Menzies on the subject of illegal food sales.

Menzies disputed the government’s position that there were no commercial markets in the past before Europeans settled in Canada.

Time is more important for happiness than money: study

Huffington Post Tue Jan 12 2016

Huffington Post and Yahoo featured new UBC research that showed people were happier if they could spend their time on meaningful pursuits rather than on making money.

“It appears that people have a stable preference for valuing their time over making more money, and prioritizing time is associated with greater happiness,” said lead researcher Ashley Whillans, a PhD student in social psychology at UBC.

How to track a brutal cereal killer

National Geographic Tue Jan 12 2016 By: Rachel Becker

National Geographic featured a UBC study of weather data and crop production which showed that droughts and extreme heat reduced cereal production by 9 to 10 percent. However, extreme cold or floods didn’t produce as significant an effect.

The team, led by global food security professor Navin Ramankutty, also discovered that the damage due to drought was worse in developed countries than in developing regions. Ramankutty said monoculture agriculture makes developed countries more vulnerable when extreme weather events occur.

Century Song presents Canada’s black female history

The Globe and Mail Mon Jan 11 2016 By: J. Kelly Nestruck

The Globe and Mail featured a new performance from soprano Neema Bickersteth about 100 years of black female experience in Canada.

Bickersteth earned a master’s degree in opera in 2004 at UBC.

Trans Mountain pipeline isn’t dead yet: Kinder Morgan

National Post Tue Jan 12 2016 By: Kelly Sinoski

Kinder Morgan Canada isn’t fazed by B.C.’s opposition to its pipeline expansion and expects to satisfy B.C.’s demands by August, according to a Postmedia report.

The article also quoted UBC political science professor Richard Johnston, who said the province’s submission increases the importance of the federal pipeline review.

This story ran in the National Post, Ottawa Citizen, Calgary HeraldRegina Leader Post, Edmonton Journal, Montreal Gazette, Vancouver Sun, The Province and other publications.

Why you should prioritize free time instead of money

Fast Co. Tue Jan 12 2016 By: Charlie Sorrel

A new Fast Co. article highlights a UBC study that showed it’s important to place greater value on time over money if you want to be happy.

The paper, authored by UBC researchers Ashley Whillans, Aaron Weidman and Elizabeth Dunn, found that those who value their time feel happier.

“It would also be interesting to explore whether time–money preferences shift in response to major life changes such as after having children, following a traumatic life event, or after retirement,” said Whillans.

A similar article appeared in the Huffington Post.

Money can buy happiness, especially when you invest it in others

PBS News Hour Thu Jan 7 2016 By: Paul Solman

UBC psychology professor Elizabeth Dunn and marketing professor Michael Norton spoke to PBS News Hour about their recent book, “Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending.”

Dunn and Norton’s main theme is that money can buy happiness, provided it’s used to “buy experiences, buy time, make it a treat, pay now and consume later, and invest in others.”

Interns eyed as Vancouver school psychologists

24 Hours Sun Jan 10 2016 By: Michael Mui

The Vancouver School Board is considering taking on UBC master’s students as school psychologists–position that have been hard to fill, reports 24 Hours.

The students would still be supervised during their time in the schools.

China has the resiliency to weather its stock-market storm

The Globe and Mail Sat Jan 9 2016 By: Hugh Stephens, Yves Tiberghien

Last week’s meltdown in China isn’t cause for panic, according to China experts Hugh Stephens, a senior fellow at the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, and Yves Tiberghien, director of UBC’s Institute of Asian Research.

China has the “resiliency, resources and stability to weather these rough waters,” the experts wrote in an op-ed for the Globe and Mail. “While the economy still needs greater opening in order to bring about the reforms needed for China….the bureaucracy still retains a number of direct levers over the economy. These will be employed to stabilize the situation, although clumsy application, as occurred with the stock market, is still a risk.”

Valuing time over money may be linked to happiness

CNN Sat Jan 9 2016 By: Jareen Imam

UBC researchers asked more than 4,600 people what they value more–time or money–and found that group was evenly split in their choice. Older people tended to value time over money, while the reverse held true for younger participants.

The study, reported in a number of media outlets including CNN, AOLInc. and Fox News, also found that valuing one’s time over making more money is linked to greater happiness.

The key to a happy life? Do more, spend less

Daily Mail Thu Jan 7 2016 By: Colin Fernandez

A Daily Mail article featured a new study by UBC researcher Ashley Whillans, which found that people who placed greater importance on time over money felt happier.

The finding applied even for people of different income levels and across the sexes.

A similar story appeared on CTV News.

Drought and heat took a heavy toll on crops: study

New York Times Wed Jan 6 2016 By: Nicholas St. Fleur

The New York Times featured a study led by UBC global food security professor Navin Ramankutty, which found that drought and other severe weather events reduced harvests of wheat, maize and other cereals by approximately 10 per cent globally over the past 50 years.

The researchers reviewed 2,800 weather disasters and found that droughts reduced a country’s crop production by 10 pe rcent, and heat waves by 9 per cent. More than three billion tons of cereal production were lost between 1964 and 2007 due to these events.

“[R]ice, wheat and maize alone provide more than 50 percent of global calories,” said Ramankutty. “When these grain baskets are hit, it results in food price shocks, which leads to increasing hunger.”

Similar articles appeared in Vice, Christian Science Monitor and other news media.

BBC celebrates composer and UBC teacher Jean Coulthard

Vancouver Sun Wed Jan 6 2016 By: David Gordon Duke

Jean Coulthard, a Vancouver noted composer and UBC teacher, was the focus of a Vancouver Sun article.

BBC will run five hour-long broadcasts featuring two dozen Coulthard works from Jan. 11—15.

Kaska elder working with UBC researchers on new dictionary

CBC North Mon Jan 4 2016

A UBC team is preparing a dictionary of the Kaska language with help from Yukon elder Mida Donnessy, who’s supplying pronunciation and context for the Kaska words, reports CBC News. Kaska is spoken around Watson Lake and Ross River, Yukon, and in several small communities in northern B.C. The Kaska First Nations and the UBC First Nation Language Program also run a Kaska language website.

Step away from your inbox

MSN Wed Jan 6 2016

A new MSN article describes a U.K. study which found that it’s not just the amount of emails that causes stress; it’s also how people manage their email.

The article mentions earlier UBC research, which found that people felt less stress when they checked their emails less often.