End of Term and COVID-19

From the start of the COVID-19 crisis, the Faculty of Arts has worked with the University to safeguard the health of our entire community and to provide the best possible closure to our semester so that we support the educational progression of our students.

We have created this special page so that you have access to clear and detailed information regarding your end of term grading, progression and support options. We will be updating this page regularly with the latest information.

Graduating students

We understand that this is time of great uncertainty, and we will do everything we can to support students who have applied to graduate this term. It is our priority to make it possible for you to complete your degree. Information about both the virtual and traditional graduation ceremonies and how to obtain your parchment is now available to you on graduation.ubc.ca, under the Student FAQ page.

Grading options for students completing courses in April 2020

The Faculty of Arts is offering some exceptional grading options for students who have courses ending in April 2020. We encourage you to work with your instructors to complete your courses to the best of your ability until the end of term. Doing so will give you access to all end of term options outlined on this page, including accepting your grade, withdrawing from the course, or requesting CrDF standing.

Accept your assigned grade

We hope for many students that the best path forward will be to continue in your course and accept the grade assigned upon course completion.

Withdraw from a course

We understand that for some of you the best decision will be to withdraw now from some or all of your courses.

Withdrawals do not come with a tuition refund, nor will you receive course credit and it is important to consider degree completion time, and commitments to external funders and awards, among other pieces. The withdrawal form will be available until after grades are released. Carefully work through the withdrawal form as it contains questions which may help you make your decision:

Request Credit/D/Fail (CrDF) standing – special allowance

For courses ending in April 2020 (Term 2 and full Winter Session courses), and for students with incomplete SDs from Term 1 (September-December 2019), Arts is offering special allowances for students to apply CrDF standing.

It will be important to review your grade before you decide to request CrDF, as you may prefer to keep the grades you have earned. We are developing an online form to request this standing. Our current intention is to open it after grades are officially released on April 29 and keep it open for at least a week. We will notify you by email when the form is open.

In these exceptional circumstances, you will be able to use CrDF for the following types of courses:

  • Degree requirements: CrDF courses can be used for all Faculty requirements.
  • Program requirements: All major and minor programs will accept CrDF standing toward program requirements if the course was completed in April 2020. If you have questions, please contact your program directly.
  • Program applications: For detailed information about specific program applications and CrDF follow the link below:

CrDF standings will appear on your transcript and work as follows:

  • “Credit” is assigned when the grade is 55% or higher. Degree credit is earned.
  • “D” is assigned when the grade is 50-54.9%. Degree credit is earned.
  • “F” is assigned for grades below 50%. Degree credit is not earned.

CrDF considerations:

  • CrDF provides credit, but your grade will not be displayed on your transcript.
  • CrDF will not result in your need to pay back loans or awards, but it may not support eligibility for awards in 2020/21 Winter Session. Students should check with Enrolment Services Advisors for more information.
  • ourses with CrDF standing cannot be used in the calculation of your GPA for 2019 Winter, nor in your graduating average.
  • Once you have selected CrDF, the standing will not be removed.

Moving forward and advising help

Information is changing rapidly right now. We remain committed to your academic success and will provide you with additional information as soon as possible.

If you need immediate help, please read through our list of self-serve online advising requests, as well as our virtual advising services.

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