Tracing Erasure Exhibition

Tracing Erasure Exhibition

Opening March 8 5-7 PM

Exhibition runs March 8 – 29, 2018 Tuesday – Saturday 2 – 4 PM


Fadwa Bouziane (Emily Carr University of Art + Design)
Maj Britt Jensen (Simon Fraser University)
Mandana Mansouri (University of British Columbia)
Madiha Sikander (University of British Columbia)
Emelina Soares (Emily Carr University of Art + Design)

Co-curated by Laura Aguilera, Gregory Elgstrand,
Schuyler Krogh, and Catherine Volmensky

The exhibition accompanying the Tracing Erasure symposium considers how the intertwined processes of destruction and production affect perceptions of the past and the present, intervening in the political, the social, the personal, and the historical. In bringing together the work of five graduate students from Vancouver’s three graduate fine arts programs, this exhibition proudly responds to the University of British Columbia’s mandate to foster a learning environment for enriching academic exchange in order to serve a wider community. The included artists probe the intimate and dynamic processes of cultural mediation to ask how we give shape to our histories and how our histories shape us.

The process of tracing erasure is always imprecise and uncertain, never complete and unable to fulfil the promise of return. Yet, as the artists showcased in this exhibition demonstrate, through the complex layering of personal and cultural narratives, assemblages of memory, and histories, this process can be a transformative one, activating knowledge by addressing the recurrence of the past in the present. Though unique in their differing approaches, the artists in Tracing Erasure address a common thread of loss, renewal, and fundamental changing notions of home and identity. Their art proposes a self-reflexive negotiation of remembering and forgetting, upon which they may build diverging notions of belonging.

Tracing Erasure re-examines linear conceptions of time and place. Visitors to the exhibition are asked to consider how these preconceived notions may belie the complexities in the interactions between history, culture, and identity; as the included artworks layer temporalities, spatialities, and materialities, the interaction with the viewer becomes one more layer in the intricacies of the art.

The exhibition is mounted as part of the 41st Annual AHVA Graduate Symposium, held March 9 in the Audain Art Centre. More details.