Arts Career Conversations: The Art of Tech

Thursday March 25, 2021
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Arts Career Conversations: The Art of Tech - March 25

Over the past year, business has moved online at a rapid pace. With the tech industry booming, find out why the skills you’re developing as Arts students are in such high demand.

On March 25, a panel of Arts alumni will share their experience working in tech and explain why employers find an Arts degree so valuable. At The Art of Tech, you’ll learn about the diverse and compelling careers that are possible in the fast-growing digital space, and what you can do now to explore these career opportunities.


  • Bill Chung (BA’08 – English)
    Senior Product Designer, Shopify
  • Heidi Eaves (BA’94 – Theatre/English)
    Chief Operating Officer, Relic Entertainment
  • Ava Nasiri (BA’16 – Political Science)
    Training & Adoption Solution Engineer, SAP
  • Bradley Tollefsen (BA’09 – US Studies)
    Web Growth Manager, Hootsuite

This event is free but registration via CareersOnline is required.