Bang! Fest

Bang! Festival Concert

Wed Apr 18 | 12pm, 2pm, 7:30 PM

Barnett Hall | FREE

12:00 pm

Interactive Computer Music

2:00 pm

Capstone Presentations

7:30 pm

Interactive Music and Dance

The UBC Laptop Orchestra is an ensemble in which students code their own computer instruments or audio/video processes.

Those systems are then controlled through gesture tracking of traditional instruments, dance, piano or string performance, or by using webcams, Kinects, Wiis, accelerometers, game controls, custom circuits, Arduinos, iPhones, iPads, or other tablets. Students compose solo, small ensemble and full group works, and are expected to perform or provide technical support in all works.

SUBCLASS presents its work twice each year: at the end of the first semester, and then as part of the UBC Bang! Festival of electroacoustic music at the end of the second term.

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