UBC Theatre and Film presents Hosanna by Michel Tremblay

Admission: FREE!

Preview Wednesday, May 29, Opening Thursday, May 30 runs till Saturday, June 8, no show Sunday, June 2

Showtime: 8:00pm.

The heart-rending and often hilarious Hosanna by seminal French Canadian playwright Michel Tremblay shines light on the fear of change, identity, and the reluctance to release the illusion of self. Aging drag queen Hosanna, a man wanting to be a woman, wanting to be Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra, with her live-in partner Curiette, a going-to-seed leather stud, faces a Halloween night feeling like an outsider in her own skin.

Hosanna, was first performed in French at Théâtre de Quat’Sous in 1973 and in English at Toronto’s Tarragon in 1974 and is set in an exotic world of nightclubs and gay bars on the main of Montreal in the seventies. Written during the social and political tumult of Quebec’s Quiet Revolution, Tremblay’s political allegory about the authenticity of self resonates just as much today.

This production of Hosanna, directed by Stephen Heatley and featuring our MFA Acting student Frank Zotter and bilingual actor Joey Lespérance, is part of the Canadian Association of Theatre Research Conference (CATR) under the auspices of the 2019 Congress of the Humanities and the Social Sciences Conference at UBC June 1-7.

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