Last year, the Belkin Art Gallery was delighted to acquire The Time It Takes (2017), the adult-sized cradleboard artwork by Skeena Reece, for our permanent collection.

At that time, Reece said that she had always wanted to work with the cradleboard to create a series of photographs that would document her wrapping specific people in the moss bag. As part of this exhibition, the Belkin Art Gallery will support Reece’s idea to spend time with the people she invites to be wrapped, and will work with Rachel Topham to document the process. The Time It Takes, along with the photographs and video documentation, will be installed in the Gallery to form the foundation of an exhibition.

As Reece describes it, “The bag is a place to rest for a moment, evoking a feeling of longing, not a feeling of loss. Being wrapped gives a calming feeling that elicits hope for the future, and is a way to hold people up.” The artwork began as a performance for The Fraud That Goes Under the Name of Love, a group exhibition at the SFU Audain Gallery in Vancouver in 2016. It was later performed at the Musée d’art contemporain in Montreal for the group show Piriti: Scène contemporaine autochtonein 2017. The piece evolved into an installation for Oboro, Montreal (2017) and Plug In ICA, Winnipeg (2018) respectively.


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