The Galatea Project

Featuring: Katrina Dunn

Written for the children of St. Paul’s and staged before Queen Elizabeth, John Lyly’s Galatea (1588) is a play about two girls who fall in love. Set in Lincolnshire at the edge of a forest, upon land that is perpetually threatened by estuarial tides, it is also a play about climate change and human interaction with the environmental forces that both threaten and are threatened by human activity. Our performance will highlight the complex genealogy of some of Galatea’s most provocative themes, illuminating how early modern thinking on sexuality and the environment reaches forward. In collaboration with Bard on the Beach.

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Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre – IRSHDC AMPHITHEATRE

This free and open event is hosted by
The University of British Columbia as part of the 2019 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Series: UBC Performances