What Love Could Be: Non-Monogamy, Love and Relationships with UBC Prof. Carrie Jenkins

Monday September 27, 2021
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


UBC Professor Carrie jenkins. Photo by University Photographer Paul Joseph.

What is romantic love? Biology? Magical feelings? A social construct? Something else?

Why do we assume a committed relationship is the same thing as an exclusive relationship?

How do gender and monogamy relate to one another? What is polyamory and how radical is it really?

Professor and Canada Research Chair in Philosophy at UBC Carrie Jenkins will discuss these questions and more.

In her recent book What Love is and What it Could Be, Jenkins discusses whether love is a biological phenomenon, a social phenomenon, or a combination of both. She argues that because love is partly social, there’s an extent to which our collective actions can change what love really is.