16 Arts scholars awarded SSHRC Insight Development Grants

A total of 12 projects led by UBC Arts researchers were awarded funding through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)’s 2022 Insight Development Grants competition. Four UBC Arts researchers are co-applicants and collaborators on projects being led by researchers at other institutions.

Insight Development Grants support research in its initial stages. The grants enable the development of new research questions, as well as experimentation with new methods, theoretical approaches and/or ideas. Over $35 million was awarded to fund 585 research projects from 71 Canadian institutions.

UBC Arts-led projects

From the mountains to the sea: Animal management, sustainability and colonization in southern Peru in the 1st millennium CE
Dr. Aleksa Alaica (Anthropology) 

Settling Shakespeare: Bardolatry in British Columbia, 1916-2022
Dr. Patricia Badir (English)

Re-Orienting “Orientalizing”: Intercultural Iconographies of the Mediterranean Iron Age
Dr. Megan Daniels (Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies)

Performance Studies, Pedagogy, Social Justice, and the Politics of Difference
Dr. Olivia Michiko Gagnon (Theatre & Film)

The dark sides of courage: A new perspective on an old construct
Dr. Friedrich Götz (Psychology)

Re-Imagining the Spanish Novella: Cross-Cultural Encounters in Early Modern Fiction by Women (1635-1700)
Dr. Elizabeth Lagresa (French, Hispanic and Italian Studies)

Intellectual Humility and US-China Relations
Dr. Xiaojun Li (Political Science)

Reading with the Ears: The Sounds of Violence in Contemporary Latin American Literature
Dr. Tamara Mitchell (French, Hispanic and Italian Studies)

Historical Lynchings and Police Brutality in the US
Dr. Thorsten Rogall (Vancouver School of Economics)

Heroes on Strike: A Mixed Methods Investigation of Health Worker Protests in the COVID-19 Era
Dr. Veena Sriram (School of Public Policy and Global Affairs)

Publicly, Privately, or In-Between: How People Engage with News in Different Digital Spaces
Dr. Ori Tenenboim (School of Journalism, Writing, and Media)

Circuits of Capital: The Visual Economy of Critical Infrastructures in Alaska and the Canadian Northwest
Dr. Desiree Valadares (Geography)

Project on which UBC Arts researchers are co-applicants and named collaborators

Investing In Angels: The Impacts of a Century of Randomized Grants to Clergy in 18th-Century Britain
Applicant: Milner, Benjamin (University of Alberta)
UBC Arts co-applicant: Dr. Matthew Lowe (Vancouver School of Economics)

A qualitative exploration of the processes foundational to promoting psychological well-being amongst older, self-identifying gay men
Applicant: Handlovsky, Ingrid (University of Victoria)
UBC Arts co-applicant: Dr. Hannah Kia (School of Social Work)

Mapping Black Girl Geographies and Belonging in Canada
Applicant: de Jesus, Desirée (York University)
UBC Arts co-applicant: Dr. Crystal Webster (History)
UBC Arts collaborator: Dr. Annette Henry (Institute for Race, Gender, Sexuality and Social Justice)