The Faculty of Arts appoints new Associate Deans

The Faculty of Arts welcomes Dr. Siobhán McPhee as the new Associate Dean of Equity, Innovation and Strategy and Dr. Janice Stewart as the new Associate Dean of Faculty.

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Dr. Siobhán McPhee

Associate Dean, Equity, Innovation and Strategy

Dr. Siobhán McPhee is an Associate Professor of Teaching in the Department of Geography. She has been extensively involved in curriculum development and renewal, in addition to taking a leading role in the deployment and evaluation of blended learning models during the pandemic. Her innovative approach has contributed greatly to the use of technology in teaching and learning at UBC.

Dr. McPhee’s areas of educational research include location-aware technologies, augmented reality, and alternative methods of knowledge mobilization, especially with application to the internationalization of pedagogy. Her geography specific research focuses on experiential learning and interactive place-based digital storytelling as a means to generate empathy and engagement in social justice.

Dr. McPhee collaborated on the development of the Vantage One program curriculum and served on the Department of Geography’s Undergraduate Committee. As a CTLT Research Associate, she focused on the role of blended learning in the internationalization of pedagogy. She has been a member of her department’s Equity and Diversity Committee, taking on the role of Chair in 2017/18, and has also served on the Equity and Diversity Committee at Vantage College.

As Associate Dean of Equity, Innovation and Strategy, Dr. McPhee will support curricular innovation, advance the effective use of technology to support teaching and learning, and oversee program evaluation and assessment.

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Dr. Janice Stewart

Associate Dean, Faculty

Dr. Janice Stewart is a Professor of Teaching in the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice (GRSJ) and recently served as Associate Dean of Equity, Innovation, and Strategy.

Throughout their career, Dr. Stewart has demonstrated a deep commitment to excellence and innovation in teaching, curriculum development, and designing inclusive and educational experiences. Dr. Stewart has chaired / co-chaired the Critical Studies in Sexuality program; administered the Jane Rule Endowment for Human Relationships in the Faculty of Arts; chaired the GRSJ undergraduate program; and played a lead role in the Institute’s curriculum mapping and renewal initiatives. A UBC Killam Teaching Prize recipient (2010), Dr. Stewart also designed and authored a MOOC titled “Gender and Sexuality: Applications in Society.” Their interests include critical theory, gender theory and anti-racist work, and their current research considers how official knowledge is mapped in ways that typically exclude members of marginalized groups.

As acting director of GRSJ in 2019/20, Dr. Stewart mentored junior faculty in the research and educational leadership streams and recently served on the organizing committee for the Academic Leadership Development Program that trains heads, directors and associate deans. They also collaborated with the Equity and Inclusion Office and Faculty Relations in revising components of the equity and diversity training provided for selection committees.

As Associate Dean of Faculty, Dr. Stewart will oversee faculty and head/director searches; orientation and mentoring programs; promotion, tenure, and reappointment reviews; and work on advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion within the Faculty of Arts.