The side effects of the decline of men

The Buchanan Courtyard serves to unite the diverse Arts community, creating a cultural hub for the largest faculty at UBC.

We are one humanity and each deeply different. Wholly embraced, our differences promise to be our greatest strength.

Our world-class trio of small, medium and large concert halls are unmatched at any North American university.

Together, faculty, staff and students share the responsibility for bringing learning to life.

Out of the classroom, into the field. Our enriched teaching and learning opportunities know no boundaries.

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Spotlight: CfIS

The UBC senate recently approved a motion to change the mandate and structure of the College for Interdisciplinary Studies (CFIS). As of April 1st 2012, several research units move to the Faculty of Arts.  We welcome the Liu Institute for Global Issues and the Institute of Asian Research.  The Centre for Women’s and Gender Studies has merged with the Women’s and Gender Studies undergraduate program to create the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice.  The Institute for European Studies now  resides within the department of Political Science.