Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR)

Operating Grant: Canadian 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Rapid Research Funding Opportunity

Qian, Yue (Psychology)
City shutdown as a response to COVID-19: understanding human experiences and mental health consequences of the quarantine in Wuhan

Planning and Dissemination Grants

Galea, Liisa (Psychology)
Minding the Brain Gap: A National Meeting on Advancing Women's Brain Heath

Project Grants – September 2019

Christoff, Kalina, (Psychology)
Investigating the Dynamics of Thought using Brain Connectivity and Experience Sampling

Hoppmann, Christiane (Psychology)
Allies in Health: Social-cognitive predictors of everyday health behaviors in older dyads

Soma, Kiran (Psychology)
Neurosteroid regulation of executive function

Soma, Kiran (Psychology)
Effects of added sucrose on hormones, neural circuits, and behaviour

Project Grants – March 2019

Rankin, Catharine H. (Psychology)
High-throughput in vivo functional characterization of Autism Spectrum Disorder associated genes using Caenorhabditis elegans

Operating Grants (Scientific Directors) – 2018

Martin-Matthews, Anne (Sociology)
Concepts and methods in research on care and caring: examining the interface of the public and private spheres

Foundation Grants – Stage 1 – September 2018

Floresco, Stan (Psychology)
Unraveling Neural Circuitry Underlying Normal and Abnormal Decision Making

Galea, Liisa (Psychology)
Sex Differences and Beyond: Leveraging the Game of Hormones for Brain Health

Project Grants – March 2018

Floresco, Stan (Psychology)
Prefrontal-subcortical network mechanisms underlying risky decision making

Winstanley, Catharine (Pscyhology)
Risky decision making as a cause, consequence and treatment target for addiction

Institute Community Support Grant – 2018

Nathan, Lisa (Psychology)
Blake Hawkins
It’s more than ignorance: disseminating factors associated with LGBTQI2S youth sexual health information access and seeking behaviours

Foundation Grant – 2017

Richardson, Lindsey (Sociology)
Addressing the health impacts of poverty and socio-economic marginalization among people who use illicit drugs

CIHR Fellowship – November 2017

Chen, Frances (Psychology)
Fellow: Gu Li
Using a brief psychological intervention to facilitate social integration and improve mental health among mostly heterosexual young adults during the transition into college

Richardson, Lindsey (Sociology)
Fellow: Jenna van Draanen
The role of material security in improving health for people who use drugs

Project Grants – September 2017

Chen, Frances (Psychology)
Assessing the role of adolescent hormonal contraceptive use on risk for depression

Winstanley, Catharine (Psychology)
The effects of reward cues on risky decision making: the role of dopamine and relevance to addiction 

LeMoult, Joelle (Psychology)
Characterizing the peripheral biology of depression, social anxiety, and their comorbidity

Project Grants – October 2016

Galea, Liisa (Psychology)
The aging maternal brain: implications for estrogen therapy on cognitive health and dementia risk

Snyder, Jason (Psychology)
Adult neurogenesis and delay-based decision making

Winstanley, Catharine (Psychology)
Neuroinflammation at the nexus of stimulant addiction, impulsivity and traumatic brain injury

Bridge Grant - Winstanley, Catharine (Psychology)
Understanding the risks of risky choice: poor cost/benefit decision making as a cause, consequence and treatment target for addiction?

Travel Awards: Institute Community Support – January 2016

Richardson, Lindsey (Sociology)
Drug-related harm associated with synchronized government income assistance cheque issue: A structural trial of alternative approaches to improve population health outcomes

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships – September 2015

Metcalfe, Jessica (Supervisor Michael Richards, Anthropology)
Human-bison interactions and environmental conditions at the late prehistoric Promontory Caves, Utah: Implications for Athapaskan transitions from the Subarctic to the Southwest

Travel Awards: Institute Community Support – 2015

Galea, Liisa (Psychology)
Comparing the efficacy of maternal fluoxetine and exercise in a rodent model of postpartum depression: effects on mother and adult male and female offspring

Transitional Operating Grants - 2015

Galea, Liisa (Psychology)
Neural plasticity-dependent mechanisms of antidepressant efficacy in males and females