Grant Adjudication

The Faculty of Arts (FOA) Internal Research Grant programs (Research, Travel & Workshop), are funded through a SSHRC Institutional Grant (SIG). To comply with SSHRC recommendations, the FOA has adopted the following principles:


The criteria for assessing proposals and details of review processes will be published on the Faculty of Arts website.

Due Diligence and Appropriateness

The merit review process will be appropriate to the type of proposed research and in proportion with the investment and complexity of the work.


Proposals will be treated in confidence.

Expert Assessment

Appropriate expert reviewers will assess the individual merit of proposals against the published criteria.

Assessment Criteria

The FOA Internal Research Grants programs are specifically designed to promote research in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS). Applications should be in alignment with the goals stated in the Terms of Reference for each program.

Adjudication Committee

The FOA Research Grants competition will have a three-person committee from appropriate disciplines and backgrounds, based on the applicant pool. The Arts Grants Facilitator will screen applications for eligibility, the Associate Dean (Research & Graduate Studies) will Chair the review meeting.

For other FOA Internal Grant Programs, depending on the focus of the applications and their disciplines, an ad hoc committee comprising Associate Deans of Arts and Arts Department Heads will be consulted. Both standing and ad hoc committees will comprise a minimum of three members from the following list:

  • Associate Dean (Research & Graduate Studies)
  • Arts Grants Facilitator
  • Associate Deans of Arts (as required)
  • Department Heads (as required)
  • Faculty Members from Arts Departments (as required)

The Adjudication Process

Each application will be ranked on alignment with FOA program goals, the strength of the project description, and/or the demonstrated effect on research capacity and career development. The Arts Grants Facilitator will support committee members throughout the adjudication process, and communicate funding decisions back to Applicants.