Grant Submission Guidelines

Guide to Submitting a SSHRC Application for Insight Grants and Connection (Partnership) Grants

Step 1 – Register and enter an application via the SSHRC online system

Deadlines are October 15th (Insight Grants), November 30th (Partnership Development Grants), February 1st (Insight Development Grants), and February 15th (Partnership Grants – Stage 1). Connection Grant applications are accepted on February 1st, May 1st, August 1st and November 1st. Partnership Engage Grant applications are accepted on March 15th, June 15th, September 15th, and December 15th.

NOTE: The Office of Research Services (ORS) internal deadline during major competition periods is five working days before the agency deadline.

NOTE: The Common CV (CCV) will be rolled out for all programs. It is highly recommended that you start preparing a CCV early—it is a long process!

NOTES FOR ONLINE APPLICATIONS: You will see a “Verify” button once you have completed your application. You need to click on “Verify” and correct the data until the Verification Report indicates successful verification—verify early to detect errors! Click “Submit” to submit your application to ORS 5 working days before the SSHRC deadline. Be aware that your application is not forwarded to SSHRC when you hit submit! If it is not approved, ORS will return it to you for changes.

Once your application has been approved online by ORS, the status of the application will change from “Forwarded” to “Received.”

Step 2  Prepare the documents necessary for internal approval

ORS encourages researchers to review the detailed guidelines provided in the links below for submitting and approving applications to specific agencies and programs. The investigator is responsible for reviewing and understanding the requirements of the funding agency.
SSHRC Insight Development Grants:

SSHRC Insight Grants eSubmission:

SSHRC eSubmission Procedures (for all other SSHRC programs):

For each application, a Research Project Information Form is required to collect signatures from the applicant and Department Head.

NOTE: Applications should be forwarded to the Faculty of Arts Grants Facilitator to obtain Dean’s Office approval and for submission to ORS. Do NOT submit directly to ORS.


For further information, contact Pam Forsberg.

Additional submission guidelines and resources can be found at the ORS website.