Arts Research Abroad (ARA)

The Dean of Arts is pleased to announce the Arts Research Abroad (ARA) program. Funded by a generous gift from donors who wish to remain anonymous, the Faculty of Arts, and Go Global, the ARA program sponsors two types of advanced research-intensive courses:

Option 1: Global Seminars (15-20 students)

Courses are typically taught by faculty onsite, at an international location that is related to the course content. In some cases, a portion of the Global Seminar may be taught on campus prior to or after the in-country component of the course.

Option 2: International Service Learning Courses (15-20 students)

Courses are typically taught on campus, with students traveling to an international location after completion of a portion of the course to participate in a field placement related to the course content. During the field placement, students engage in research related to the course content, as service for a community organization; academic preparation is critical to the research-related service activities that students undertake in the field. In some cases, faculty travel to the international location to participate in a mid-placement workshop with students. Courses may resume on campus following the field placement to facilitate students’ ability to integrate the course content and their field experiences.

Advanced research-intensive courses are defined as courses that enable students to engage with the research positions and research practices of their discipline. Students work collegially with faculty to produce a potential contribution to knowledge in the field. Accordingly, the defining criterion of advanced research-intensive courses is not that students travel abroad and conduct research, but that students’ inquiries in the discipline result in new knowledge that could be shared with others in the field. For example, students could present a paper related to their research at a conference. Alternatively, students could participate in material practice or professional immersion, such as fieldwork, a practicum, or a performance project.

With the support of their Department Head, faculty should submit an application to ARA’s multidisciplinary adjudication committee. The application should include a course syllabus that documents readings, research activities, and learning assessments (e.g., assignments); a travel itinerary that indicates field visits, research-related service sites, and other important elements of the travel plan; and a budget that is developed in consultation with Go Global or International Service Learning staff (see below). Each year, the ARA program is expected to support seven courses.

Application Deadline:

The deadline for submission of proposals to the Arts Research Abroad (ARA) program is June 13th, 2018.

Course Planning and Application Preparation:

As faculty begin to conceptualize their course, they should contact Sunaina Assanand, Associate Dean, to discuss the goals of the ARA program and the criteria for a successful ARA proposal. A consultation meeting with Sunaina Assanand can be booked with support staff at In addition, faculty should contact Go Global or International Service Learning staff to discuss and develop their course. As international education professionals, Go Global and International Service Learning staff:

  • provide support with planning and implementation (e.g., integration of best practices in international education, student recruitment and advising, student safety and risk management, emergency response training).
  • assist with financial matters (e.g., budget development, collection of student fees, payment of facility deposits, submission of travel claims).
  • provide information about and contacts for international partner universities and organizations.

For Global Seminars, a consultation meeting can be booked with Go Global staff, at For International Service Learning Courses, a consultation meeting can be booked with International Service Learning staff, at

ARA Application Form (for Courses and Travel in 2019):

ARA Application Form (Word)

ARA Application Form (PDF)

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For further information on the ARA program, please contact Marcy Caouette, Dean of Arts Office, at