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The Faculty of Arts would like to announce several changes in our research administration and facilitation services. 

Many of you will know and appreciate the work of Pam Forsberg who has been at UBC since 2010 serving in research administration in a shared appointment between the Faculty of Arts and the Office of Research Services (ORS).  

We are pleased to announce the secondment of the research facilitation position 100% into the Faculty of Arts.  This will increase the level of research facilitation and support available to faculty applying for Tri-council and other grants and enhance support for programs like the Canada Research Chairs and the Canadian Foundation for Innovation.

In addition, our ORS partners have generously committed to increase research facilitation and support in Arts by providing enhanced access to SPARC team members through site visits and regular outreach activities in the Faculty.  We anticipate a greater connection between SPARC services and Arts researchers.    

What changes will this bring to signature policy?  Grants will still need to be signed by the Dean, and grants should be dropped off at the Dean’s office as in the past.  However, UBC institutional signature will now be conducted by the ORS office. During peak submission windows, ORS will also have staff located conveniently within the Faculty to provide the required institutional endorsement. However, as has always been the case, we cannot guarantee institutional signature if grants are submitted after the ORS internal deadline.   Please be reminded of the internal deadlines for signature posted on the ORS website: 

We are thrilled to have Pam Forsberg as a full member of the Arts team and look forward to enhanced research facilitation for the Faculty of Arts.