Recent Grant Successes – Internal

Hampton Fund Research Grant – September 2018 New Faculty Awards

Abrutyn, Seth (Sociology)
Examining the Normalization of Adolescent Suicide: A Qualitative Study of Suicide Clusters

Bailey, C.D. Alison (Asian Studies)
A Shield for a Pillow: A Cultural History of Filial Revenge in China

Bratiotis, Christiana (School of Social Work)
Identifying Goals for Multi-Disciplinary Community Interventions for Hoarding

Bullard, Julia (iSchool (Library, Archival and Information Studies))
Subject Access in the Contemporary Canadian context

Catungal, John Paul (Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice)
Making migrant worlds: organizing Filipinos in Vancouver BC

Daigle, Michelle (Geography)
Environmental Violence on Indigenous Lands and Bodies

Huddart Kennedy, Joanna Emily (Sociology)
Social Class and Environmentalism: Developing Measures of Beliefs, Preferences, Practices, and Impact

Jurkevics, Anna (Political Science)
Contested Territory: Hannah Arendt and the Politics of Non-Sovereignty

Keddie, G. Anthony (Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies)
A Labour History of Early Christianity

Kerns, Connor M. (Psychology)
Using cognitive interviewing to develop a measure of social exclusion in childhood

Khorakiwala, Ateya (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
Landscapes of Development: Architectural and Infrastructural Experiments in India 1942 - 1975

Malakaj, Ervin (Central, Eastern, & Northern European Studies)
Queer Melodrama and Weimar Cultural Imagination

McGeogh, Michelle S.A. (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
The Invention of the Indigiqueer

Moran, Patrick (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Poetics of Genre in Medieval French Literature: a Cognitive and Philological Investigation

Palombo, Daneila J. (Psychology)
Episodic Prospection and Decision Making

Pennefather, Patrick (Theatre & Film)
The design of spatial audio within virtual reality environments to increase immersion

Quinn, Ashley Laura (School of Social Work)
Indigenous Culturally Responsive Child Protection Social Work Education

Rizzotti, Patrick (Theatre & Film)
Bridging Live Performance and Augmented / Mixed Reality

Silver, Erin (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
Beyond Representation: Structuring Change in Canada's Art Worlds

Speller, Camilla (Anthropology)
Tracking the origins and impacts of active whaling through ancient biomolecules

Valencia Caicedo, Felipe (Vancouver School of Economics)
Trust Unraveled: The Long Shadow of the Spanish Civil War

Wong, Danielle (English Languages & Literature)
Inorganic Asian North American Lives

Hampton Fund Research Grant – September 2017 Established Scholar Awards

Wang, Jessica (History)
Tropical Agriculture, Inter-Imperial Collusion, and American Empire, 1898-1930

Hampton Fund Research Grant – September 2017 New Faculty Awards

Bayliss, Patrick (Vancouver School of Economics)
In whose backyard? Environmental improvements and inequity

Christopoulos, John (History)
Bodies of Crime in Early Modern Italy

Douglas, Jennifer (Library, Archival & Information Systems, School of)
Conceptualizing the archive as grief work: A new perspective on the Sylvia Plath archives

Elliott, Sinikka (Sociology)
Governing Food, Bodies, and Families in Canad and the U.S.

Huemoeller, Katharine (CNERS)
The Offspring Follows the Womb: Maternal Descent and Roman Slavery

Orell, Julia (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
Visualities of Site, Region, and Empire in Mid-Imperial China

Pareles, Mo (English)
Translating Purity: Jewish Law and the Making of Difference in Old English Literature

Pohl-Weary, Emily (Creative Writing Program)
Critical conversations in Writing for Young Adults

Sin, Nancy (Psychology)
Disentangling the influences of everyday positive events on emotions among younger versus older adults

Vellutini, Claudio (School of Music)
Entangled Histories: Opera and Cultural Networks between Vienna and the Italian States, 1815-1848

Walsh, Shannon (Theatre and Film)
Illusions of control: Documenting evolving ecologies in human disturbed landscapes

Williams, Ian (Creative Writing Program)
Literature, Media, and the Archives: From Material to Immaterial Cultures

Hampton Fund Research Grant – September 2016 Established Scholar Awards

Li, Wei (Vancouver School of Economics)
Learning in local networks

MacKenzie, Scott (English)
“Dread of farther sufferings”: romanticism and the law of scarcity

Hampton Fund Research Grant – September 2016 New Faculty Awards

Abdul-Mageed, Muhammad (Library, Archival & Information Studies)
Measuring well-being in Arabic social media

Casas Aguilar, Anna (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Transforming national identity: Regionalisms and the evolution of tourism in Spain, 1960-2016

Dempsey, Jessica Anne (Geography)
Woodland caribou at the intersection of political economy and extinction

Hunt, Sarah (First National Studies)
Living coastal law in everyday relations

Laurin, Kristin (Psychology)
A functional basis for rationalization and reactance\

LeMoult, Joelle (Psychology)
Rumination: Understanding mechanisms and effects

Morton, David (History)
Housing and the imagination in Mozambique’s capital city, c. 1950 to the present

Qian, Yue (Sociology)
Is love blind? Gender differences in mate selection among online daters in Shanghai

Squires, Munir (Library, Archival & Information Studies)
Kinship taxation as disincentive to worker effort

Zhang, Gaoheng (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Mobilities between Italy and China: Colonialism, exile, tourism, and migration

Hampton Fund Research Grant – September 2015 Established Scholar Awards

Griffin, Michael (CNERS/Philosophy)
Measuring the effect of undergraduate coursework on citizenship skills and moral traits

Hacker, Katherine (Art History and Visual Art & Theory)
Architectural Restoration and Reconstruction in Post-earthquake Nepal: Visual Documentation for a Sustainable Rebuilding Plan for the Historic Town of Sankhu

James, Gareth (Art History and Visual Art & Theory)
“a Tree”

Kreisel, Deanna (English)
Utopianism and Sustainability in Victorian Literature and Culture

Matthewson, Lisa (Linguistics)
Tense and Aspect in Children’s Bookreading Experiences

Turin, Mark (Anthropology/First Nations and Endangered Languages)
Heiltsuk Language and Culture Collaborative Documentation and Digitization Project

Weir, Lorraine (English)
“Lha Uudit’in (We Never Give Up): An Oral History of the Tsilhqot’In Title Case

Hampton Fund Research Grant – September 2015 New Faculty Awards

Bowers, Katherine (Central Eastern & Northern European Studies)
The Arctic in the Russian Imperial Imagination, 1700-1917

Corrigall-Brown, Catherine (Sociology)
Foundation for Social Change? How Charitable Funding Shapes the Environmental Movement

Farinha Luz, Vitor (Vancouver School of Economics)
Multidimensional private information in insurance markets

Fu, Qiang (Sociology)
Neighborhood Transformation: Property Rights, Governance and Associational Life in Urban China

McCasland, Jamie (Vancouver School of Economics)
Building a research program around firm growth, productivity, and private sector employment in low-income countries

Ostwald, Kai (Institute for Asian Research/Political Science)
Inter-ethnic Contact in Housing: How housing policy can shape inter-ethnic attitudes and behaviours in diverse societies

Poudrier, Eve (Music)
Temporal Multiplicity in the Works of Twenty Composers from Europs to America, 1900-1950

Rogall, Thorsten (Vancouver School of Economics)
Preparing for Genocide: Community Work in Rwanda

Salgirli, Saygin (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
Multipurpose Architecture of the Early Ottoman Empire (1300-1450)

Szkup, Michal (Vancouver School of Economics)
Optimal provision of public information

Tworek (Evans), Heidi (History)
Keep US out of war: A digital history of foreign news in the United States, 1914-1917

Hampton Fund Research Grant – February 2015 Competition Awards

Hamlin, J. Kiley (Psychology)
Do infant’s sociomoral evaluations predict individual differences in later sociomoral development?

Hudson Kam, Carla (Linguistics)
Exploring the Role of Input in the Development of Explanatory Preferences

Mawani, Renisa (Sociology)
Insect Jurisprudence

O’Brien, Heather (Library, Archival, and Informational Studies)
What Engages Information Seekers? Predicting User Engagement with Digital Libraries

Santos, Alessandra (French, Hispanic, and Italian Studies)
Yoruba Culture and Technology in Brazil

Thobani, Sunera (Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice)
Crossing the Seven Seas: South Asian Women’s Narratives of Migration, Exile and (Non)Survival

Weston, Darlene (Anthropology)
Ancient identities: body modification among the Stz’umius ancestors from the Salish Sea

Yoon, Florence (Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies)
Defining the Greek Herald

Hampton Fund Research Grant – September 2014 New Faculty Awards

Adriasola, Ignacio (Art History, Visual Art, and Theory)
Melancholy Sites: Art, Politics and Margins in the Japanese Sixties

Chen, Frances (Psychology)
Receptiveness to Opposing Opinions: Predictors and Consequences

Cruz, Aracelie (Political Science)
Social Networks and the Strategic Use of Elections-Related Violence

Marshall, Hallie (Theatre & Film)
Scripts and Choruses in Early Fourth-Century Athens

Miller, Bradley (History)
The Law of British Sovereignty in British North America/Canada, 1763-1876

Odic, Darko (Psychology)
The psychology and psychophysics of confidence

Paltin, Judith (English)
The Agile Crowd

Rosenblum, Daisy (First Nations Languages Program, Anthropology)
Spatial Deixis in K”ak”ala

Shneiderman, Sara (Anthropology, Institute of Asian Research)
Restructuring Life: Citizenship, Territory, and Religiosity in Nepal’s State of Transformation

Taylor, Owen (Journalism, Liu Institute for Global Issues)
Virtual Reality Journalism: Exploring the Implications for International Relations

Todd, Rebecca (Psychology)
Cognitive Consequences of Climate Change

Hampton Fund Research Grant – February 2014 Competition Awards

Anderson, Siwan (Vancouver School of Economics)
Female Autonomy in Africa

Firkins, Jacqueline (Theatre & Film)
The Tenant of Wildfall Hall: an Adaptation for the Stage

Gardner, Gregg (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
Rabbis of the Lost Ark: Relics and Material Culture in Early Judaism

Hnatkovska, Viktoriya (Vancouver School Economics)
Structural Transformation and Occupational Migration

Ichikawa, Jonathan (Philosophy)
Contextualism in Epistemology

Jenkins, Carrie (Philosophy)
The Metaphysics of Romantic Love

Karwowska, Bozena (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)
Transcultural history of Holocaust (memory based) literature – new models of the Holocaust research and education

Kemple, Thomas (Sociology)
Global Citizens at Home and Abroad: Investigating the Effectiveness of Study-abroad and Local Field School Education Programs

Li, Xiaojun (Political Science)
Differential Regime Experience as a Source of International Conflict: Evidence from United States and China

Milstein, Sara (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
Making a Case: The Impact of Mesopotamian “Lawsuits” on the Hebrew Bible

Perla, Jesse (Vancouver School of Economics)
The Growth Dynamics of Innovation, Diffusion, and the Technology Frontier

Yi, Christina (Asian Studies)
Ethnic Performativity and the Performance of Translation in O Chonghui’s “Weaver Woman” and Yu Miri’s Full House

Zhao, Jiaying (Psychology)
Environment and happiness: Building a well-being map of UBC

Hampton Fund Research Grant – February 2013 Competition Awards

Badir, Patricia (English)
Shakespeare in the Park: 1916/2016

Brenner, Colleen (Psychology)
Identifying Vulnerability for Cannabis- Related Psychosis

De Villiers, Jessica (English)
Understanding self-monitoring abilities in autism spectrum disorder

Drelichman, Mauricio (Economics)
The long-term effects of the Spanish Inquisition

Hall, Kathleen (Linguistics)
Articulatory Correlates of Phonological Relationships

Liu, Siyuan (Theatre and Film)
Lady Sunrise- Re-Imagining a Modern Chinese Dramatic Classic in Contemporary Canada

Mackie, Gregory (English)
Beautiful Untrue Things: Literary Forgery and Oscar Wilde

Myers, Eric (SLAIS)
The Future of Children’s Texts

Murphy, Anne (Asian Studies)
Performing the Komagata Maru: Theatre and the Work of Memory

Severs, Jeffrey (English)
David Foster Wallace’s Balancing Books: Value and Authority in Post Modern Times

Yodanis, Carrie (Sociology)
A year on Leave: A study of the Experiences and Consequences of Maternity/ Paternal Leave for Women

Hampton Partnership Development Grant – June 2012 Competition Awards

Rea, Christopher (Asian Studies)
Canada-Australia Partnership on China in the World

Sholte, Thomas (Theatre & Film)
Play Development Workshop for Digital Video Illumination in Art Song Theatre

Hampton Fund Research Grant – February 2012 Competition Awards

Bronfman, Alejandra (History)
Biography of a Sonic Archive

Davis, Henry (Linguistics)
An On-Line Dictionary for Gitskan

DeLongis, Anita (Psychology)
Emotion regulation and coping among persons with spinal cord injury

Donner, Simon (Geography)
Translating the new international financing of climate change adaptation into success on the ground: A multi-factorial analysis of climate change adaptation projects in the SW Pacific Islands

Edgington, David (Geography)
The Spatial Dimensions of Post-Disaster Reconstruction of Cities: A Case Study of Christchurch, New Zealand

Frank, Adam (English)
Radio Free Stein: An audio adaptation of Gertrude Stein’s “For the Country Entirely: A Play in Letters”

Gallipoli, Giovanni (Economics)
Understanding the determinants of retirement decisions of individuals and couples

Graf, Peter (Psychology)
A Novel Cognitive Training Method for Improving Cognition in Older Adults

Griffin, Michael (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies/Philosophy)
Plato in Action: Developing a New, Interdisciplinary Model of Socratic Method

Gu, Xiong (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
Intertwined: Locality and Internationality

Henrich, Joseph (Economics/Psychology)
Understanding God’s Mind

Hewitt, Paul (Psychology)
Perfectionism and the Phenomenological Experience of Social Exclusion in a Community Sample

Jing, Zhichun (Anthropology)
Style, Function, and Technology: A Study of the Social Dynamics of Early Chinese Bronze Industry

Kingstone, Alan (Psychology)
Real vs. reel: an empirical approach to the equivalence of different social stimuli

Loehrlein, Aaron (School of Library Archival & Information Studies)
Inductive Inferences Between Bibliographic Classes

Tomc, Sandra (English)
The Great Middle Class Swindle

Wiltschko, Martina (Linguistics)
The form and function of Canadian “eh?”. Towards a typology of confirmationals

International Research Collaboration - 2019

Chaudhry, Ayesha (Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice)
Christoff, Kalina (Psychology)
Walsh, Shannon (Theatre & Film)
Watson, Scott D. (Belkin Gallery)

International Visiting Research Scholar Program - 2018

Christoff, Kalina (Psychology)
Kingstone, Alan (Psychology)
Riano-Alcala, Pilar (Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice)
Walsh, Shannon (Theatre & Film)

International Research Roundtables - 2018

Mayer, Tara (History)
Visual literacy: seeing, making, and reading images across the disciplines

French Scholar Lecture Series Award - Distinguished Visiting Professor Award – 2018

Ward, Lawrence M. (Psychology)
Geometries of the brain and cognitive strategies for navigation, memory and social interactions

Wall Scholars Research Award – 2018

Casas Aguilar, Anna (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Images of difference: regionalism and tourism in Spain, 1960-2017

Dempsey, Jessica Anne (Geography)
Cheap natures of Canada

Girard, Jonathan (Music)
Commission of two new orchestral works

Milstein, Sara (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
Making a case: the emergent legal mind in the ancient near east

Thompson, Evan (Philosophy)
Peter Wall Institute Scholar

Williams, Ian (Creative Writing Program)
Rethinking poetic grammer in response to history, technology, science and contemporary anxiety

International Research Collaboration – 2018

Cameron, Maxwell A. (School of Public Policy & Global Affairs)
Designing for practical wisdom

Pailer, Gaby (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)
“Environing cultural heritage” visiting scholar award follow-up (Jutta Eming)

Discretionary Fund - 2017
Hermiston, Nancy (School of Music)
UBC Opera

Wall Solutions Initiative - 2017
Riano-Alcala, Pilar (School of Social Work)
Exhumations and reburial in Colombia: strengthening forensic practices through knowledge transfer

International Research Roundtables - 2017

Chaudhry, Ayesha (Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice)
Smiling to their faces: Emotional labour, race and the university

Christoff, Kalina (Psychology)
From mind-wandering to imagination: Spontaneous thought in science and society

Watson, D. Scott (Belkin Gallery)
Curating critical pedagogies

Wall Scholars Research Award - 2017

Christoff, Kalina (Psychology)
Building a science of imagination

Prange, Sebastian (History)
Monsoon Islam: faith and trade in the Indian ocean

Shneiderman, Sara (Anthropology)
Expertise, labour and mobility in Nepal's post-conflict, post-earthquake reconstruction

Walsh, Shannon (Theatre and Film)
Illusions of control: Documenting evolving ecologies in human disturbed landscapes

International Visiting Research Scholar Program - 2017

Fee, Margary (English)
Klein, Peter (School of Journalism)
Liu, Siyuan (Theatre and Film)

Distinguished Visiting Professor Award - 2017
Huebner, Kurt (Political Science)

International Research Collaboration - 2017
Wynn, Graeme C. (Geography)
Explaining the success and policy relevance of environmental history and the environmental humanities: The historical role of geography

Wall Scholars Research Award - 2016

Blackburn, Carole (Anthropology)
Chaudhry, Ayesha (Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice)

Marshall, Hallie (Theatre and Film)
Murphy, Anne (Asian Studies)

Wall Solutions Initiative - 2016

Baines, Erin (Liu Institute for Global Issues)
Reparations for wartime sexual violence in northern Uganda

Klein, Peter (School of Journalism)
Alcoholics unanonymous: An empowerment connection project for Indigenous people with alcohol dependence

Arts-based Initiative Award - 2016
Murphy, Anne (Asian Studies)
Imagining a traditional Punjabi narrative in Vancouver: creative workshop and performance

International Roundtable Discussions - 2016
Baines, Erin (Liu Institute for Global Issues)
Memory and civil responsibility during and after mass violence

International Visiting Research Scholar Program - 2016
Pailer, Caby (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)

French Scholar Lecture Series Award - 2016
Rowley, Sue (Museum of Anthropology)

International Research Colloquium Award - 2016
Godfrey, Sima N. (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)

Wall Solutions Initiative - 2015
Zerriffi, Hisham (Liu Institute for Global Issues)
Monitoring and evaluation of adoption and use of LPG for cooking in rural Gujarat

Supplemental Knowledge Broker (KB) Funding Award - 2015
Richardson, Lindsey (Sociology)
Evaluation the impact of alternative social assistance timing on drug-related harm

SSHRC Exchange - Arts Workshop & Visiting Speaker Grants - December 2018

Fisher, Alexander (Music)
Workshop "The architecture of the soundscape"

Grunow, Tristan (History)
Hokkaido 150: Settler colonialism and global indigeneity

Loo, Tina (History)
Gold Mountain River: Chinese mining landscapes in Indigenous territories

Malakaj, Ervin (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)
Diversity, decolonialization, and German studies

Murphy, Gayle (Theatre & Film)
Emotional fluency for actors: BOS emotional effector patterns workshop

Silver, Erin (Arts History, Visual Art & Theory)
42nd annual AHVA graduate symposium "Violentia: Representing Bodies and Violence"

SSHRC Explore - Arts Research Grants - October 2018

Baier, Gerald (Political Science)
Provincial Constitutions in Canada: Identifying and Understanding the Foundations of Provincial Politics and Government

Bartolic, Sylvia (Sociology)
Enhancing the Effectiveness of a Family Studies Minor at a Canadian Research-Intensive University

Baylis, Patrick (Vancouver School of Economics)
Forests, Energy & Infrastructure: Evidence from two decades of transition in Indonesia

Booker, Courtney (History)
Database of Early Modern Author-Copy ("Handexemplar") Books

Echard, Sian (English Language & Literature)
Fac-simile: Making, Likeness and Medieval Manuscripts

Hallensleben, Markus (Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies)
A Sensational Discovery: The Fictional Writings of the Surrealist Painter Wolfgang Paalen

Hill, Ian (English Language & Literature)
Meme Warfare: Violent Provocations and Rhetorical Patterns

Karwowska, Bozena (Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies)
The Body of the Witness

Laroussi, Farid (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Aesthetic Alchemy: Ideology and Arts in the 21st Century Arab World

Li, Xiaojun (Political Science)
Trade Conflict and Consumer Choice: Evidence from Canada

Mackie, Gregory (English Language & Literature)
Edward Gordon Craig and the Aesthetic Theatre, 1880 - 1920

Mathijs, Ernest (Theatre & Film)
Delphine Seyrig: Feminism, Cult, and Circuits of Culture

Moore, Patrick (Anthropology)
Language, Land and Indigenous Realities: Northern Na-Dene, a Partnership of Peoples

Pailer, Gaby (Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies)
1) Epistolary Culture circa 1800 / Charlotte Schiller' Correspondence, and (2) Handbook WOMEN DRAMA THEATRE in German

Pohl-Weary, Emily (Creative Writing)
Young Adulting: Critical Conversations in Writing for Young Adults

Santos, Alessandra (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
African Diaspora and Technology in Brazil / Concrete Poetry in Brazil and Canada

Shneiderman, Sara (School of Public Policy and Global Affairs)
Nepal's Post-Earthquake Reconstruction Outcomes: A Quantitative Survey in Conjunction with the SSHRC PDG "Expertise, Labour and Mobility in Nepal's Post-Conflict, Post-Disaster Reconstruction"

Turin, Mark (Anthropology)
Measuring Impact and Understanding Success in Language Revitalization

Zeigler, Barbara (Art History, Visual Art and Theory)
The Salmon Project

SSHRC Exchange - Arts Workshop & Visiting Speaker Grants - October 2018

Al-Kassim, Dina (English Language & Literatures)
Critical Nationalisms and Counterpublics Lecture

Frackman, Kyle (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)
Asperger's Children: Th Origins of Autism in Nazi Vienna

McCarty, Matthew M. (Classical Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
Visualizing and Virtualizing Archaeology

Nardizzi, Vin (English Language & Literatures)
Ecologies of Text and World: Hester Pulter and the Art of Making

Rouse, Robert (English Language & Literatures)
Prof Courtney Barajas, Whitworth College, WA, Oecotheology: Natural Wisdom in Old English Poetry

Winthrop-Young, Geoffrey (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)
Types of Extinction

SSHRC Exchange - Arts International Conference Travel Grants - October 2018

Barker, John (Anthropology)
European Society for Oceanists Conference, Cambridge UK, Dec 7-10, 2018

Bowers, Katherine (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)
Crime and Punishment: Issues of Teaching and Translation

Casas Aguilar, Anna (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Anti-Tourist Aesthetics: Documentary Cinema and Photography in Catalan Media

Dollinger, Stefan (English Language & Literatures)
The written questionnaire 2.0: research-oriented approaches in dialectology in the classroom

Godfrey, Sima (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Nineteenth-Century French Studies, "Celebrity Aesthetics"

Karwowska, Bozena (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)
Research and Preservation of the Secret Archive and invited lectures in Poland

Kreisel, Deanna (English Language & Literatures)
Modern Language Association Conference invited roundtable presentation

Lee, Barbara (School of Social Work)
Expanding Interprofessional Education to Achieve Social Justice

Mayer, Tara (History)
Invited Paper: Teaching Partition: Controversy in the Classroom, Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, Denver, USA, March 21-24, 2019

Rymhs, Deena (English Language & Literatures)
Modernist Studies Association (MSA) Conference

Soussloff, Catherine M. (Art History, Visual Art and Theory)
Foucault and Art History

SSHRC Exchange - Arts Workshop & Visiting Speaker Grants - July 2018

Milstein, Sarah (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
Reading between the lines: Strategies for Deciphering Anient and Modern Legal Texts

Yi, Christina (Asian Studies)
Passing, Posing, Persuasion: Cultural Production and Coloniality in Modern Japan

SSHRC Exchange - Arts Workshop & Visiting Speaker Grants - Apr 2018

Kemple, Thomas (Sociology)
Keynote Speker for Arts One 50th Anniversary Event, Sander Gilman

SSHRC Explore - Arts Research Grants - Mar 2018

Alden, Lynn (Psychology)
Development roots of safety-seeking behaviors

Badir, Patricia (English)
Roy Mitchell and The Design of Theatrical Wonder

Coleman, Katharina (Political Science)
The Significance of Token Forces: International Legitimacy and Contemporary Military Coalitions

Dollinger, Stefan (English)
Decolonizing DCHP-1: Is it possible and what would it entail?

Douglas, Jennifer (School of Library, Archival and Information Studies)
Memory Institutions and Virtual Reality

Dunn, Elizabeth (Psychology)
Using Social Norms to Buffer Against the Negative Impact of Unemployment on Well-being

Frank, Adam (English)
Radio Free Stein: Recording Two Gertrude Stein Plays in Paris

Hamm, Corey (Music)
PEP (Piano and Erhu Project) CD Recording of new works written for PEP

Harrison, Kathryn (Political Science)
The Comparative Politics of Carbon Taxes

Hwang, Sam (Economics)
Cousin Marriage in the U.S., 1850-1940

Klinkenberg, Brian (Geography)
Spatiotemporal analysis of the socioeconomic factors and their role in out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in southern British Columbia

Kuus, Merje (Geography)
Transnational Diplomacy, Professional Training and the Remaking of States

Laurin, Kristin (Psychology)
Rationalization and multiple dimensions of well-being: A longitudinal examination

Law, Hedy (Music)
Citoyennes and French Music, ca. 1790-1810

Marshall, Hallie (Theatre & Film)
Choruses: Ancient and Modern

Nadel, Ira (English)
An edition of the letters of Ezra Pound and Marianne Moore

Quinn, Ashley (Social Work)
A phenomenological study of how culturally engaged Aboriginal caregivers successfully navigate the Ministry of Children and Family Development application process

Rymhs, Deena (English)
Roads, Mobility and Violence in Indigenous Literature and Art from North America

SSHRC Exchange - Arts International Conference Travel Grants - Mar 2018

Beauchesne, Kim (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Samurai Hasekura's Polemical Embassy (1613-1620): Contemporary Re-Readings from Asia and the Americas

Briggs, Marlene (English)
Virginia Woolf, Europe and Peace: The 28th Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf

Brinton, Laurel (English)
ICAME: (International Computer Archive for Modern and Medieval English Conference 39)

Chen, Frances (Psychology)
Annual Convention of the Association for Psychological Sciences

Cousland, Robert (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)
Matthews Crowds in Recent Research

Creighton, Millie (Anthropology)
Revivals and Remembrances Among Ruins:: Tohoku Responses to the Earthquake, Tsunami & Nuclear Disasters as a Japanese Borderland

Gassner, Florian (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)
Literatur & Uberwachung

Harrison, Kathryn (Political Science)
Switching Tracks: Opposition to Coal Exports in Canada and the US

Kuus, Merje (Geography)
Standing Group for European Union Studies (SGEU) bi-annual conference

Nadel, Ira (English)
Beckett's Fizzles: De-creating the Short Story

Tindall, David (Sociology)
Networks and Collective Action to Save the Planet: The Canadian Case

Weir, Lorraine (English)
IOHA Conference 2018 Memory and Narration

Zhang, Gaoheng (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
China Looked Up to Italy: Early 20th-century Chinese Nationalist-Reformers' Views of the Italian Nation-state through Mobilities

Workshop & Visiting Speaker Grants - Dec 2017

Cameron, Maxwell (Political Science)
The challenges of democracy: comparative case studies of three countries along the spectrum of the democratic index

Qian, Yue (Sociology)
Assortative Mating and its Implications for Family Life

Salgirli, Saygin (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
41st Annual AHVA Graduate symposium "Tracing Erasure"

Weston, Darlene (Anthropology)
Living with the ancestors: Laboratory of Archaeology Annual Archaeology Day Symposium

Workshop & Visiting Speaker Grants - Oct 2017

Booker, Courtney (History)
What is history for? Ideas on the past from the past

Ellermann, Antje (Political Science)
Speaker series on migration and density

Heatley, Stephen (Theatre & Film)
The savage land (a theatricl production) and lecture The secret to interpreting classical drama

Ichikawa, Jonathan (Philosophy)
Moral and pragmatic encroachment in epistemology - workshop

Lamontagne, Andre (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Beyond the right turn: Narrating resistance

Pareles, Mo (English)
After Wetlands

Shneiderman, Sara (Anthropology)
SACPAN Keynote speakers: Gyanendra Pandey and Ruby Lal

Zhang, Gaoheng (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Mobilities and Immobilities Workshop

International Conference Travel Grants - Oct 2017

Booker, Courtney (History)
Machiavellitico praecepto: Learning from the Carolingians in late sixteenth-century France

Daigle, Michelle (Geography)
Resurging through Kistachowan: Indigenous water governance at the heart of Colonial Empire

Hallensleben, Markus (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)
Cultural Multeity and Fluid Identities

Hill, Ian (English)
Pinpointing rhetoric and technology

Klein, Peter (School of Journalism)
Fixing Fixers: A critical look t developing best practices; Chemical Weapons Bombshell: The originals of South African investigative reporting of apartheid-era CBW

Lawy Hedy (School of Music)
Participation in conference on a panel "New Directions on Early Dance II"

McCarty, Matthew M. (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
"The Mithraeum of Dura-Europos: Glocalizing a Roman cult" at AIA Annual Meeting, Boston

Pailer, Gaby (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)
Literature, media, and the archives: From material to immaterial cultures

Rea, Christopher (Asian Studies)
China vice: Defining and dealing with the modern criminal element

Rizzotti, Patrick (Theatre & Film)
Careers beyond the theatre

Santos, Alessandra (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Modern Language Association Convention 2018

Tworek, Heidi (History)
The historical role of multi-national enterprises in creating the world economy

Waker, Lawrence J. (Psychology)
Presentation at the "Virtues in the Public Sphere" Jubilee Centre conference

Walsh, Shannon (Theatre & Film)
Stowe Story Lab 2017

Workshop & Visiting Speaker Grants - Jul 2017

Badir, Patricia (English)
The Galatea Project

Bowers, Katherine (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)
Imperialist Eurasia, Fragmented Europe, Nationalist Russia in Vladimir Sorokin's Fiction

Klein, Peter (School of Journalism)
Strangers at Home Workshop

Pailer, Gaby (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
Chernobyl and its Aftermath: Literary Depictions from Christa Wolf to Alina Bronsky

Roy, Marina (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
Visiting Lecture: Ghost Shadow

Tenzer, Michael (School of Music)
An Analytic Survey of Schoenberg's Piano Music: Interactions Between Performance and Analysis

International Conference Travel Grants - Apr 2017

Baier, Gerald (Political Science)
Canadian Judicial Federalism: Quasi Federalism Realized

Bronfman, Alejandra (History)
Eusebia Cosme and the Sounded Black Atlantic/International Conference Travel Grant

Byrne, Jeffrey (History)
An Economic Bomb: Third World Resistance to Superpower Détente

Coleman, Katharina (Political Science)
Peacekeeping for Profit? The Scope and Limits of 'Mercenary' UN Peacekeeping

Dick, alexander (English)
Alexander Campbell's 'bare idea': Romanticism, Poverty and the Clearnaces Travel Grant

Echard, Sian (English)
Gower between Manuscript and Print (to be presented at the joint international meeting of the John Gower Society and the Early Book Society, at the University of Durham)

Glassman, James (Geography)
The idea of violence

Hodgson, Richard (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Annual conference of the North American Society for Seventeenth Centure Literature

Kojevnikov, Alexsi (History)
25th International Congress of History of Science and Technology

Li, Xiaojun (Political Science)
Territorial Indivisibility and Public Preference for Dispute Resoltuion: Evidence from Japan

Moss, Laura (English)
Untold Environments: From Farming Long Poems to Docudramas of Agribusiness

Pareles, Marissa (English)
Jewish Sexuality in Old English Translation

Paris, Leslie (History)
"Making the Mundane Astonishingly Beautiful:" American Mothers and Contemporary Cloth Diapering

Rosenblum, Daily (First Nations & Endangered Languages)
International Pragmatics Conference (Paper Title: Nouns, Noun Phrases, and other Referential Resources in Kwakwala)

Rouse, Robert (English)
"If you go west, you risk your life": the Spaces of the West(s) in G.R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire

Severs, Jeffrey (English)
Counting and Recounting in Zero K (American Literature Association Conference)

Thobani, Sunera (Asian Studies)
Eights International Conference on Islamophobia

Turin, Mark (First Nations & Endangered Languages)
The Hilzaqy Language Mobilization Partnershp: Collaborative Research & Engagement on BC's Central Coast; Designing and Sustaining Himalayan Studies at N. American Universities

Wang, Jessica (History)
Agriculture, Development and American Empire, 1890-1940

Workshop & Visiting Speaker Grants - Apr 2017

Chapman, Mary (English)
Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Society for the Study of American Women Writers Fall Workshop

Gretsinger, Kathryn (School of Journalism)
Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) Cross-Border Conference

Hall, Kathleen (Linguistics)
Third Annual Meeting of the NorthWest Phonetics and Phonology Conference (NoWPhon)

Mackie, Gregory (English)
UBCs Colbeck Collection: A Fiftieth Anniversary Exhibition and Symposium

Menkis, Richard (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
Jewish Life in the Americas: Towards a New Research Agenda

Miller, Bradley (History)
Power, Politics, and the State in Canadian History - Conference

Rea, Christopher (Asian Studies)
Writing the Book of River and Lake (Jianghu)

Rullmann, Hotze (Linguistics)
Northwest Linguistics Conference

Taubeneck, Steven (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)
In Conversation with Agens Heller: Political Action in Everyday Life

Wang, Jessica (History)
Empires of Knowledge: Expertise and Imperial Power across the Long Twentieth Century

Wiltschko, Martina (Linguistics)
Workshop on the Structure and Constituency of the Languages of the Americas

Research Grants - Mar 2017

Bowers, Katherine (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)
Dostoevsky Today

Chen, Frances (Psychology)
Social Network Usage Styles and Well-Being

Cousland, Robert (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
Book: Holy Terror: Jesus in the Infancy Gospel of Thomas

Creighton, Millie (Anthropology)
Asian and African Connections Involved in Japanese Architect Kenzo Tange's Design and Construction of Nigeria's New Capital City, Abuja

De Angelis, Franco (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
Circular Conquests: The New World and Classical Antiquity

Dick, Alexander (English)
Exploring Scottish Improvement: Literary Archives and Institutional Platforms 1700-1900

Gallipoli, Giovanni (Vancouver School of Economics)
Information technology jobs, aggregate employment and earnings inequality

Glassheim, Eagle (History)
Local and Global Histories of Mass Destruction Mining in the Twentieth Century

Griffin, Michael (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
Ancient Egyptian Theories of Personhood: A philosophical and Interdisciplinary Approach

Klein, Peter (School of Journalism)
"Fixing" the Relationship of Journalists and Fixers: A Critical Look Towards Developing Best Practice

Li, Xiaojun (Political Science)
Myths and misperceptions of Chinese Investments in Canada: Evidence from a Survey Experiment

Mikami, Amori (Psychology)
Social interactions in Pokeman Go: Predictors and Consequences

Muehlmann, Shaylih (Anthropology)
The Environmental Conditions of Language Revival in Gomera

Murphy, Anne (Asian Studies)
Digital humanities approaches to the study of Sikh tradition: Statistical and digital analytical support

Pailer, Gaby (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)
Charlotte von Stein's Dramas / Epistolary Culture circa 1800

Powers, Bradley (Theatre & Film)
The Ancient Athenian Ekkyklema: A Practical Model

Riano-Alcala, Pilar (School of Social Work)
Sound memory in the Atrato River, Colombia: violence, social repair and peace building

Rowley, Susan (Anthropology)
The Fabric of Our Land - Salish Weaving

Severs, Jeffrey (English)
The Great American Road Trip

Sundstrom, Lisa (Political Science)
The Comparative Politics of Global Governance: How NGOs from BRICS Countries Respond to New Global Governance

Veenstra, Gary (Sociology)
Multiracial identities and health in Canada

Walsh, Shannon (Theatre & Film)
Illusions of Control: Documenting evolving ecologies in human disturbed landscapes

Wang, Jessica (History)
Tropical Agriculture, Inter-Imperial Collusion, and American Empire, 1898-1930

Weir, Lorraine (English)
Lha Yudit'in (We Never Give Up): An Oral History of the Tsilhqot'in Title Case

Workshop & Visiting Speaker Grants - Jan 2017

Beasley-Murray, Jon (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
The Final Volume of the "Empire" Quartet

Gordillo, Gaston (Anthropology)
How embodied experience of the social world shapes the structures of our language

Kam, Christopher (Political Science)
Understanding Majority Rule: The Uncovered Set & legislative Politics

Martindale, Andrew (Anthropology)
Archaeology Day 2017 Charles Lecture (Keynote Address)

McNeilly, Kevin (English)
"Comics as a Way of Thinking" (lecture); "Improvisational Drawing" (Workshop); "Teaching with Graphic Narratives" (roundtable)

O'Brian, John (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
Under Super Vision

Shaw, Patricia (First Nations & Endangered Languages)
"Re-establishing Indigenous languages in their cultural and communal contexts." Keynote Address at the BC Breath of Life Archival Institute for First Nations Languages

Shin, Leo K. (Asian Studies)
Hong Kong: 20 Years After

Grants for Catalyzing Research Clusters – 2019

Ellermann, Antje (Political Science)

Ferreira Da Silva, Denise (Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social Justice)
Critical + creative social justice studies - the global condition working group: global catastrophes

Galea, Liisa (Psychology)
Women's health research cluster

Murphy, Anne (Asian Studies)
Present histories: interdisciplinary and contemporary engagements with the past

Tindall, David B. (Sociology)
Strengthening social science capacities for accessing and analyzing big data

Werker, Janet F. (Psychology)
Language sciences initiative

Grants for Catalyzing Research Clusters – 2018

Cameron, Maxwell A. (Political Science)
Global challenges to democracy: rights, freedoms, and self-determination

Ellermann, Antje (Political Science)
Immigration, integration, and national identity

Klein, Peter (Journalism)
The hidden costs of global supply

Martindale, Andrew (Anthropology)
Indigenous/science at UBC: Partnerships in the exploration of history and environments

Werker, Janet F. (Psychology)
Language sciences: UBC and beyond

Collaborative Research Mobility Awards – 2018

Hamlin, J. Kiley (Psychology)
UBC-UW social cognitive development collaborative mobility project

Shneiderman, Sara (School of Public Policy & Global Affairs)
Connecting South Asian and Himalayan research communities across Cascadia

Research Facility Support Grants – 2018
Kingstone, Alan (Psychology)
Bridging life and lab: research on embedded attention laboratory (REAL)

Martindale, Andrew (Anthropology)
UBC Research Facility Support Grant for the Laboratory of Archaeology (LOA)

Distinguished University Scholar - 2017

Matthewson, Lisa (Linguistics)
Distinguished university scholar

Peck, Jamie (Geography)
Distinguished university scholar award: Hong Kong's great transformation

Slingerland, Edward (Asian Studies)
Intoxiction and ecstatic practices and the rise of large-scale societies

Grants for Catalyzing Research Clusters - 2017

Ferreira Da Silva, Denise (Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social Justice)
Critical racial and anti-colonial studies: Critical + creative social justice studies

Klein, Peter (School of Journalism)
The hidden costs of global supply chains

Poudrier, Eve (School of Music)
Exploring musical time

Grants for Catalyzing Research Clusters - 2016

Cameron, Maxwell (Political Science)
Global challenges to democracy: Rights, freedoms, and human development

Klein, Peter (School of Journalism)
Hidden costs of global supply chains

Schmader, Toni (Psychology)
Implicit gender bias in STEM

Werker, Janet F. (Psychology)
Language sciences: UBC transdisciplinary research framework