Tri-Agency Open Access Requirements

Many researchers in the Faculty of Arts will have received notification recently from the Office of Research Services about changes in Tri-Agency policy with respect to Open Access publishing.  For all Tri-Agency grants awarded since May 2015 (and earlier in the case of CIHR), journal publications will have to conform to new open access requirements.  Open access refers to the free availability of published work in electronic format within twelve months of publication.  Although some journals operate on open access principles, many of the top journals in the humanities, natural and social sciences do not.  Owing to earlier open access policies developed by UK and other international granting councils, however, most journals have a fee-based open access policy.  SSHRC, NSERC and CIHR rules allow for these fees (called article processing charges) to be listed as budget expenses in grant applications.  It will be important for researchers to become acquainted with the new rules (explained here: and to account for the anticipated publication costs in new grant applications to SSHRC, NSERC, and CIHR.  Please note that the policy applies to journal publications but not to books.

Resources exist at UBC to help researchers comply with the new policy.

On how to deposit journal articles in UBC cIRcle, consult or email

On negotiating open access with journals, UBC Scholarly Communications can help.  Please see

Information on open access journals can be found at

For a webinar on Tri-Council open access policy, see: