SSHRC awards over $8M to UBC Arts-led research projects

July 17, 2019

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council today announced an investment of more than $285m that will support 6,900 researchers and graduate students across Canada.

Funding was awarded for the Partnership Grants, Partnership Development Grants, Insight Grants and Insight Development Grants. A total of 50 research projects led by UBC Arts researchers received $8m in funding.

Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarships and SSHRC doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships were also announced.



Alfred Hermida and Mary Lynn Young
Global Journalism Innovation Lab: Revitalizing journalism and accelerating knowledge mobilization from Canadian universities: $2,472,154 (6 years)


Lisa McIntosh Sundstrom
Activism in International Human Rights Courts (ActInCourts): $199,187 (3 years)

Henry Yu
Activating a Multi-sited Museum: An Innovative Organizational Model for Heritage and Community Knowledge-Making: $199,058 (2 years)


Margolis, Eric
A Theory of Concepts: $79,550

Veenstra, Gerry D.
Capital interplays and health in Canada: $52,000

Jeong, Gyung-Ho
Supermajority Rule in the National Assembly of Korea: $39,076

Savalei, Victoria
Improving measures of self-report: $80,800

Green, David A.
Immigration and Employment Outcomes in the Receiving Economy: $163,900

Fernández Utrera, María Soledad
Salvador Dalí, Homo Politicus: $59,702

Gottlieb, Joshua D.
Top Income Inequality: Theory, Data, and Measurement: $172,039

Dunn, Elizabeth W.
Hello stranger: Intrapersonal and interpersonal strategies for promoting interactions between strangers: $163,716

Santos, Alessandra S.
African Diaspora Literature, Culture and Technology in Brazil: $44,980

Chowdhury, Arjun
The Paradox of Postcolonial Time: $36,360

Werker, Janet F.
Bilingualism as a lens for understanding lexical development in infancy: $312,710

Beauchesne, Kim M.
Bridging Transatlantic and Transpacific Studies: The Keicho Embassy and Its Textual Representations in the Hispanic World (Seventeenth and Twenty-First Centuries): $91,945

Dancygier, Barbara
Emotional dissonance and the post-truth crisis: $43,680

Yoon, Florence
The character-object spectrum in Greek Tragedy: $37,300

Norenzayan, Ara
Religion, Spirituality, and Moral Concern for the Environment: $175,644

Hamlin, J. Kiley
Mapping the origins of human morality: A comprehensive longitudinal study of moral development from birth through age 3: $381,845

Barnes, Trevor J.
Geographies of the life, works and social activism of William Bunge: $99,547

Laurin, Kristin
System justification: Self-regulatory causes and unintended emotional consequences: $148,210

Gick, Bryan W.
Virtually Speaking: How Phonetic Information Affects Communication in Virtual Reality: $93,485

Christopoulos, John
Bodies of Crime in Early Modern Italy: $85,381

Heine, Steven J.
Economic Inequality and Status Strivings: $301,567

Griffin, Michael J.
Translating, Interpreting, and Publicizing the Philosophy and Science of the Roman Empire: New Translations in the Ancient Commentators Series: $66,502

Coulthard, Lisa M.
Between Blood and Data: Anatomy of the Post-Millennial Hollywood Fight Sequence: $71,776

Rehavi, Michal Marit
Getting Inside the Black Box of Prosecutors’ Discretion: $94,968

Roth, Wendy D.
Genetic Ancestry Testing and the Future of Race: Qualitative Follow-Up Study: $43,908

Poudrier, Ève
Modeling polyrhythmic experience: $253,964

Sin, Nancy
The unfolding of positive events in daily stress and coping processes: $252,740

Kingstone, Alan
Human social attention: $136,250

Milstein, Sara
Making a Case: The Origins and Legacy of Biblical and Near Eastern Law: $40,275

Angeles, Leonora C.
Postnationalism and Canada-Philippine Bilateral Relations: Trends, Patterns, Limits and Possibilities of Postnational Citizenships and Transnational Linkages for Development, 1970-2020: $93,585

Thobani, Sunera
The Cinematic Lives of Islam and Muslims: $79,920

Severs, Jeffrey
Postmodernism as they found it: contingent transformations in U.S. fiction, 1970-1976: $31,150


Pratt, Geraldine
Anticipating Alzheimer’s: geographies of the global intimate: $74,980

Kerns, Connor
Social Exclusion, Social Communication and Psychological Well-being in Emerging Adulthood: $45,970

Hanser, Amy
The Public Bus as Urban Space: How People Navigate Encounters Across Social Difference: $38,054

Huddart Kennedy, Emily 
Who Cares About the Environment? How Class and Politics Are Related to Environmental Beliefs, Preferences and Impacts: $65,488

Huemoeller, Katharine 
Reproducing Slavery: Maternal descent in the Roman world: $28,790

Gardner, Gregg 
The Horvat Midras Excavation Project: Cultural Interaction in Rural Roman Judea: $69,023

Gottlieb, Joshua 
Studying Coal Plant Pollution Using Machine Learning: $56,067

Moran, Patrick
Literary Genre in the French-Speaking Middle Ages: From Manuscript Studies to Cognitive Theory: $56,763

Turin, Mark
Relational Lexicography: New Approaches to Community-Informed Dictionary Work: $75,000

Sin, Nancy
Positive emotional well-being and aging: A daily process approach: $70,817

Gallipoli, Giovanni
Technology, Productivity and Skills in the Labor Market: the Role of Firms: $67,300

Metcalfe, Jessica
Dene Bison Hunting and Migration: Western Science and Indigenous Perspectives: $63,924

Hallensleben, Markus 
Migration as Core Narrative of Plural Societies: Towards an Aesthetics of Postmigrant Literature: $34,795

Arneil, Barbara 
Organic Politics: $44,625

Adriasola Munoz, Ignacio 
Omen: The Work of Enokura Koji: $47,168

2019 SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship and Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarships

Twenty-five graduate students in the Faculty of Arts received SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships or Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarships.