Premier Undergraduate and Wesbrook Scholarships

UBC’s most prestigious awards recognize third- and fourth-year students with academic achievement and involvement in sports and community pursuits. Students MUST receive a nomination from the Dean of Arts in order to apply.

Premier Undergraduate and Wesbrook Scholarships

This award is by invitation only. Eligible students will receive an e-mail in early September informing them of their eligibility.

The Premier Undergraduate Scholarships and Wesbrook Scholars are the University’s most prestigious designations given to senior students with outstanding academic performance, leadership and involvement in student and community activities. Awards range from 20 Wesbrook Scholar designations ($1,000 each) to renewable scholarships of $20,000 over two years (Premier Undergraduate Scholarships).

There are strict eligibility requirements which can be found on the PUS/Wesbrook website.

Students who are eligible to apply for this award are determined by Enrolment Services and will receive personal e-mail communication from the Faculty of Arts informing them of their eligibility. If you do not receive this personal invitation and, if after reviewing the PUS/Wesbrook website you believe that you meet the award’s eligibility criteria, please contact your ESP to confirm if you are eligible.

You are also welcome to attend an information webinar hosted by Enrolment Services on Wednesday, September 11th at 4:00pm (Online session) or Friday, September 13th at 2:30pm (In person session). The webinar will cover tips and tricks for putting together your personal statement and statement of activities as well as highlighting past winners.

Please note that attending the webinar is not a mandatory component of this award.

Stage 1: Students Request to Apply
Deadline: Noon on Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

The Faculty of Arts has hundreds of students who are eligible to apply for this award. In an effort to select the 20 most outstanding candidates for nomination to the university wide competition, we conduct a pre-screening process (Stage 1). At this stage we ask that you submit your application for review. In reviewing your submission, we are looking to identify students with outstanding leadership experience, and a contribution to community.  In our experience, students who are successful in this competition speak to unique experiences and tell a compelling story. This could be as a leader in a group, sports team, or in the community, either on or off campus. A strong application will tell us about yourself, what you are passionate about, your experiences and your goals for the future. This really is an opportunity for you to share your story.

Personal statement (Max 500 words) – An important part of this application is letting UBC know who you are and what makes you extraordinary. In your personal statement, speak to your most important accomplishments and experiences during your undergraduate studies at UBC. This can include your general interests, leadership roles, activities, clubs, academic projects and/or research, sports, volunteer and/or work experiences, as well as your goals for the future. Your statement should be written in the first person, maximum 500 words and submitted as a pdf document.

Statement of Activities (also known as a Resume, Max 1 page) – Your statement of activities should focus on your accomplishments over the last three to four years. Your statement of activities must be no more than one page, have a minimum font size of 12 and margins of least ¾” and be formatted as follows:

  • Personal Information (name, address)
  • Academic Achievements and Education (Details/Awards /Dates for each)
  • University Activities (Details/ Dates for each)
  • Community & Volunteer Services (Details of Involvement/Dates for each)
  • Athletics (team or individual) (Details/Dates for each)
  • Other Activities (Details/Dates for each)

Dates should include the month, year and if applicable, hours per week (e.g. Feb 2017 to Aug 2018; 3 hours per week.)

References – Please DO NOT include any recommendation/reference letters at this point, only tell us who you are planning to ask if you should you proceed to the application stage. Only students who are invited to apply in round 2 will need to seek reference letters.

Stage 2: Submission of Completed Application Package
Deadline:  Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Students that are invited to submit a full application will receive additional information on how to do so. Application items will include an on-line application form, personal statement and reference letters submitted by your referees directly. All items are due on Tuesday October 15, 2019.

All students who submitted a completed application will be informed if they moved onto the next step – the University Wide stage.

The Faculty of Arts follows a UNIQUE application process with deadlines that differ from those advertised by Enrolment Services.

For the 2019/2020 Academic Year the deadlines that Faculty of Arts students MUST follow are:

  • Wednesday, September 25, 2019: By noon – Deadline to complete Preliminary Stage 1: Request to Apply.
  • Tuesday, October 15, 2019: Submission of electronic application and receipt of all reference letters to Enrolment Services, for students who advance to this stage.
  • Friday, November 8, 2019: The Office of the Dean submits 20 nominated applications to Enrolment Services.

Apply for Stage One here