UBC Arts and COVID-19

From the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Faculty of Arts has worked with the University to safeguard the health of our entire community and support the educational progression of our students.

This page contains updated information about Summer and Winter Sessions, graduation, April 2020 end-of-term grading options, and support options.

Graduating students

Letters of completion are available through the SSC. Information about graduation ceremonies and how to obtain your diploma is available on the UBC Graduation website.

Summer Session information

Access information about grading options, course conflicts and academic concession for summer courses.

Winter Session Term 1 information

Get the latest details about what the fall semester will look like for UBC Arts students.

Grading options for courses ending in April 2020

The Faculty of Arts offered exceptional grading options for students with courses ending in April 2020, including accepting a grade, withdrawing from a course, or requesting Credit/D/Fail (CrDF) standing.

If you requested CrDF, your degree navigator report will be updated with CrDF standing by mid-June.

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