Program Applications and Credit/D/Fail Standing

This page lists various program websites where you can find specific information regarding Cr/D/F standing and applications to programs. If you are interested in a program that requires an application and do not see it listed on this page, please contact them directly for specific information regarding admission criteria.

Graduate Programs

If you are thinking about applying to a graduate program, it is best to reach out to the program directly before choosing CrDF.

Peter A. Allard School of Law

If you are thinking of applying to the Peter A. Allard School of Law, please read their application FAQs or contact the school for more information.

Teacher Education Program

Check the Teacher Education Office’s (TEO) FAQs for the latest information on admissions to the BEd program.

Arts Co-Op

If you are considering applying for Arts Co-Op, consult with them before making changes to your grading.

Undergraduate Programs that Require Application

Undergraduate programs are adjusting their application processes to accommodate courses taken with CrDF standing. As each program’s process is unique to them, please check their website for more information before you choose CrDF standing. If you are applying to an Honours program, or if a program that requires application is not listed below, please contact them directly.


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