Start of 2021/22 Winter Session, Term 2

This page was last updated on January 21, 2022.

Read the latest UBC Broadcast: COVID-19 — Update on Winter Session, Term 2.

Faculty of Arts classes will begin as scheduled on Monday, January 10, and for an interim period classes will be delivered online through Monday, February 7 (with a few exceptions in BFA, BMUS, and BSW programs as laid out below).

Please plan to return to the originally scheduled mode of delivery (in person, online, or hybrid) as of February 7. Those traveling abroad should plan to be back on campus in time to undergo any quarantine period before the start of in-person classes.

Additionally, graduate courses will also be online. Please note that other kinds of academic activities (e.g., office hours, small meetings) may be held in-person as Public Health and safety measures allow.

The following Faculty of Arts programs rely on location-specific or hands-on facilities and may have some in-person learning components as of January 10 (conducted safely and following all Public Health requirements).

These programs will be in touch directly with students in classes that will require in-person attendance. Please watch for email messages with more details.

While the majority of Arts classes will be online until February 7, the university will be open as of Tuesday, January 4, 2022. Importantly, this change will not impact the support services available in Arts. Administrative units, such as Arts Academic Advising and Arts Instructional Support and Information Technology (ISIT), are at work and ready to support students and faculty.

Changing Term 2 Course Registration

The Winter Term 2 course drop deadline has been extended to February 6, 2022, 11:59pm, following a decision from the UBC Vancouver Senate on January 19.

You can drop courses yourself via the SSC until January 21 at 11:59pm. To drop courses January 22 – February 6 at 11:59pm, please complete this form to request a course drop. Once processed, the course will be removed from your academic record (no W standing), and will result in a tuition credit.

After February 6, you can withdraw from a course up to the withdrawal deadline of March 4, 2022 and will see a “W” on your transcript.

The course change deadline of Friday, January 21 remains the same for adding courses, changing sections, and all Credit/D/Fail course changes.

Academic Leave for International Students in Good Standing

UBC announced a new authorized leave for international students. This leave will allow you to take time away from your studies while maintaining the conditions of your study permit and eligibility for the post-graduation work permit program.

This leave enables international students in good academic standing to take up to a year away from studies without having to reapply for admission. If you want to prove to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that you are on authorized leave, you can now request an official letter that documents your leave details.

Note: If you take a leave for the entire Winter Session, it may impact your Post Grad Work Permit eligibility. Contact International Student Advising to discuss.

To request your authorized leave and letter, complete this form. Your Campus Wide Login (CWL) will be required. If your request meets all eligibility requirements, you will be emailed your authorized leave letter. Please be sure to keep that email and letter for future reference. You can also access a copy of the letter through your communication tracking in the Student Service Centre (SSC).


Plan to be on campus early in February, taking the possibility of self-isolation into consideration. The Faculty of Arts is committed to returning to in-person teaching and learning for all courses that were planned to be held in that mode, and our intention is to transition swiftly when the conditions permit (on or after February 7). You will need to be nearby in order to continue your studies seamlessly.

Once the transition to in-person occurs, your course assessments (e.g. exams) for most courses will require in-person attendance on campus. If you are not in the Vancouver area when classes resume in-person, you will not be eligible for academic concession for missed attendance, coursework, or exams.

The last day to add Winter Term 2 courses or change Credit/D/Fail grading is January 21. The deadline to drop Winter Term 2 courses without a W standing has been extended to February 6 at 11:59pm. You will need to make decisions about continuing in or dropping Winter Term 2 courses by February 6.

You will receive tuition credit for courses dropped by February 6. More information on tuition credits and refunds can be found here.

There are no specific accommodations for varying time zones. The expectation is that you are already in, or are returning to the Vancouver area by January 2022.

No. Concession will not be available to students who are not in the Vancouver area when classes resume in-person.

If you haven’t done so already, finalize your plans by mid-January and plan for an early February return, taking the possibilities of self-isolation into consideration.

If you dropped a course yourself through the SSC between January 22 and February 6, it will appear as a W in the SSC. Your student record will be updated after February 7 to remove the W and the course.

Yes. If you are an International student and want to take time away from your studies by dropping all of your courses, please complete the course drop form along with the authorized academic leave form in order to maintain the conditions of your study permit and eligibility for the post-graduation work permit program.

Yes. A dropped course is completely removed from your transcript and you will be able to register for it again in a future term.

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