Winter Session Term 1

During fall 2020, the UBC Faculty of Arts will primarily offer larger classes online with selected smaller classes conducted in-person, adhering to physical distancing and other public health requirements.

The method of instruction offered this fall will not be the same for everyone. The format will depend on several factors, including your program and the classes you have chosen. 

The following undergraduate programs will be offered online: 

Students in these programs will not need to be on campus, in Vancouver or even in Canada for the fall semester.

The following programs that rely on location-specific facilities will have some in-person, on-campus learning components (adhering to physical distancing and health requirements)

Students planning to take courses in these programs will need to consider in-person attendance components and can reach out to individual programs for more information.

The following departments offer more in-depth information about how their courses will be delivered online:

Cross-faculty studies

If you are taking a double major, minor, or dual degree with a program delivered outside the Faculty of Arts (e.g. Science, Land and Food Systems, Applied Science etc.), contact that faculty to see if that program will be delivered online.


Decisions about the format of instruction for the Winter Term 2 will be provided at a later date and will continue to prioritize student health and safety.

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