Writing & Research Requirement FAQs

Writing component

If you fail once, you can take a different course or repeat WRDS 150 or ENGL 100.

If you fail twice, but otherwise meet continuation requirements, you can continue your studies, but you will be restricted to a reduced credit load of nine credits maximum per term (Winter session) and nine credits over the entire Summer session with no more than six credits per term. These credit restrictions remain until the writing component is successfully completed.

If you enter Arts with approved post-secondary transfer credit for WRDS 150 or ENGL 100 you may apply that credit towards the writing component.

If you did not receive transfer credit for one of these courses but feel that you completed an equivalent course through post-secondary study, you may appeal. Guidelines for appeals are in the section below.

No.  Appeals citing UBC-O courses will not be considered.

Yes. You must attempt to complete three credits in a writing-focused course within your first 30 credits and complete them within your first 54 credits.

Your registration will be restricted and you will only be able to register in writing component courses.

You should take a writing component course in your first Winter session in Arts.

You should avoid taking more than one writing component course.

Writing component appeals

If you believe you have already met the writing component, submit the Appeal for Exemption from Degree Requirements form to be assessed for an exemption based on your transfer credit or prior study.

If you plan to appeal shortly before registration opens, you should register in a writing component course as insurance in case your appeal is rejected. If the appeal is successful, you can drop the course.

Research component

Most students take their Research Component course in their fourth or final year, because the research component requires you to apply concepts, methodologies and theories you have studied throughout your major.

Some specializations permit completion prior to fourth year. In these cases you should take the course as recommended by the department.

Only courses listed on the approved Research Component list are accepted towards the requirement.

Yes, you may take as many as you’d like. Check Degree Navigator to see how they might fit into your degree.

No. If you are required to satisfy the Writing and Research Requirement you must complete both components.

Yes. Occasionally a course not normally accepted may be applied, or a course normally accepted may not apply. These exceptions are listed on the writing and research research requirement page.

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