Reddit Ask Me Anything with UBC CENES

Monday June 5, 2023
12:00 PM - 2:30 PM

What can I do with a major in CENES? What are some interesting courses I should take this Winter term? How does European Studies relate to my current time and place? What are your best tips for learning a new language?

On June 5, faculty, students, and alumni from the Department of Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies (CENES) will be answering your questions live on r/UBC. Join us and ask us anything!

The AMA post will open for questions on r/UBC on June 4, and we’ll share a link here once it goes up. Questions will be answered live on June 5 from 12:30–2 pm.

Meet the panelists

David is a professor who translates Turkish literature, writes books about language and multilingualism, and is currently researching visual disability and transgender cultures in various languages. He loves writing, and thinks language(s) is the coolest, most beautiful thing alive (though cacti are pretty nice too). It is important to David to answer a few questions everyday which the Musqueam Host Nation request of new arrivals on this land: 1) Do you come with peace in your heart? 2) What work have you come here to do? These two questions keep him reasonably honest and purposeful, but it always depends on what the day holds. If you see David on campus, you should come up and say hi. He likes talking to new folks and learning about what they're up to!

Ask me about: German studies, languages, CENES strategic plan.

Aleksandr is particularly interested in the archeological history of medieval Europe and mechanical fluids and electromagnetism in PDE in the field of mathematical physics. He thinks that language opens an ability to see and approach problems from different perspectives. In his spare time, he likes to go on hikes and enjoys playing sports.

Ask me about: Dual degree programme in Arts and Engineering, courses to take in CENES, places to study on campus, Russian courses.

Hi! I’m Ikra, a 3rd year student, majoring in History and minoring in Nordic Studies. I’m also an executive member of the UBC Scandinavian and Nordic Students Association. I initially took Swedish for my language requirement, but I fell in love with the language and the culture, as well as the fact that the classes were very engaging and inclusive. I was encouraged to pursue a minor in Nordic Studies through my interactions with the CENES department, who are the most welcoming and friendly people at UBC!

Ask me about: Nordic Studies, taking Swedish at UBC, CENES department events, the student experience in CENES, student clubs.

Aside from professional work in Communications, Gabrielle volunteers at the Vancouver Black Library and Sliced Mango Collective, a grassroots organization connecting Filipinx youth with their community and culture. As a queer Filipino immigrant, she is passionate about exploring languages, decolonization and intersections through art and creative writing. She hopes to pursue a Master’s in post-colonial culture and global policy, or language education in the U.K/Germany next fall.

Ask me about: German minor, getting involved, learning a new language with no prior knowledge.