Degree Requirements

With 6 different undergraduate degrees and over 70 program options at Arts to choose from, you can customize your degree experience to meet your individual academic and career goals.

As an Arts student, you are required to fulfill the faculty-wide requirements for your degree, as well as the requirements for your specific program.

In order to earn your degree, you must complete a minimum of 120 credits, including credit minimums outside of your program area, in upper-level courses and through courses within the Faculty of Arts.

Chart your degree progress

Keep track of your degree requirements and credits with your personalized Degree Navigator report, available through the Student Service Centre (SSC).

Double counting

When you use one upper-level course to meet requirements in each of your two program options (majors or major/minor), you are “double counting.” Depending on your program choices, there are strict limits to how many credits you may double count.

While a course may be counted twice to meet two different program requirements, you cannot count a course twice for degree-required credits.

For example, if you are doing a double major (60 upper-level required credits) and take a course that fulfills program requirements for both majors, you may use it to double count, but you only receive credits for the course once.

Appealing a degree requirement

If you believe you have already met a Faculty of Arts degree requirement (writing and research requirement, literature requirement, or science requirement), submit an appeal for exemption form in order to be assessed for an exemption based on your transfer credit or prior study.

Note: The language requirement cannot be appealed through this form. Please contact Arts Academic Advising to inquire about language requirement appeals.

Personalize your degree experience

An Arts degree gives you the flexibility to specialize in more than one academic discipline. By combining degree program options, you can create a customized degree experience that meets your individual academic, personal, and career goals. 

Bachelor of Arts students must complete at least one Major or Honours program (single or combined) or complete an Interdisciplinary Studies program in order to be eligible for graduation. Combined program options include:

  • Major (42+ credits) plus a Minor (30+ credits)
  • Double Major (42+ credits in two programs)
  • Combined Major (30+ credits in two programs)
  • Honours (60+ credits)
  • Major (42+ credits) / Honours (60+ credits)
  • Double Honours (60+ credits in two programs)


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