Failed Years and Readmission

If you have been required to withdraw from UBC based on your academic performance, there are some options available for you to return.

Failed year standing

At the end of every academic session, you are assessed for eligibility to continue based on your sessional average. If you are required to withdraw from the Faculty of Arts or another faculty at UBC, know that you are not alone and many students successfully return to their studies once they have regained a pattern of academic success while away from UBC.

If you wish to complete your degree in Arts after receiving a failed year standing, you can contact Arts Academic Advising to discuss your situation and develop a new academic success plan. Also, you may wish to contact other on-campus support units relating to finance, health, and wellness during this time.

Readmission after a failed year

Readmission deadline

The deadline to apply for readmission is May 15.

Readmission application process

Carefully read UBC readmissions criteria below, paying particular attention to the information about Arts-eligible credits. Once you meet readmission criteria, you may apply for readmission via the ASC (Applicant Service Centre) by May 15.

If you’ve completed 53 or fewer UBC Arts-eligible credits

In order to qualify for readmission, you must complete 21 university-transferable credits at a post-secondary institution with a minimum overall of 3.0 or UBC Arts’ competitive average, whichever is lower and also satisfy UBC’s admission policy.

There is no time limit to complete these credits, so you can choose to study part-time at college and complete the required number of credits over several terms. The earliest you can be readmitted is one full academic year (September – August) after you were assigned a Failed Year standing.

If you’ve completed 54 or more UBC Arts-eligible credits

In order to qualify for readmission, you must sit out for one full academic year (September – August) and are not required to complete transferable credits. Readmission is guaranteed in this circumstance.

Appeal for permission to continue

The initial requirement to withdraw from UBC Arts can be appealed but requires significant evidence that the issues causing the failed year have been resolved, including proof that you have connected with appropriate professionals (health, wellness, financial aid etc.) to seek help. You can submit a letter of appeal and supporting documentation directly to Arts Academic Advising via the permission to continue appeal form (available May 27 – June 15 each year).

Appeal deadline

The deadline to appeal for permission to continue after a failed year is June 15.

Readmission after two failed years

If you experience a second failed year, you must follow the readmission application process, and then you will be prompted to submit a letter of intent with supporting documents for committee review (deadline is May 31).

Applications are reviewed carefully, taking into account that the issues causing the failed years have been resolved. Students who experience two failed years do not have a right to readmission.

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