Degree Options

Identify and grow your strengths and skills through transformative learning experiences at the undergraduate and graduate level in UBC Arts.

Undergraduate degrees

UBC Arts offers diverse degree options and attracts passionate students driven to build expertise across theory, research, and practice.


degree options


dual degree options


undergraduate program options

Degree options

Dual degree options

Program options

Your major is the focus of your degree. Of the 40 courses (or 120 credits) you’ll take as part of your degree, at least 14 (or 42 credits) will be in your major.

Two complementary fields of study can be combined into one major. Available combinations are:

  • Economics and Mathematics
  • Economics and Philosophy
  • Economics and Political Science
  • Economics and Statistics
  • Philosophy and Political Science

If you wish to create another combination of study, then you should consider the Interdisciplinary Studies program.

If you’d like two areas of focus in your degree, you can complete two majors. You won’t have much room for courses outside of your two majors.

An honours degree will offer you a more intensive study of your area of focus and includes a thesis, which involves conducting independent research.

You can include a secondary focus to your degree. You’ll need to complete between 18 and 36 credits in your minor, which leaves you some room to take courses in other areas outside of your focus.

Graduate degrees

UBC Arts combines the strengths of the humanities, social sciences, and creative and performing arts to serve as an interdisciplinary hub for research, learning, and innovation.

UBC Arts graduate students are equipped with knowledge and professional expertise to meet and address complex global challenges.


graduate program options


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