Black Faculty Cohort Hiring Initiative

In support of its commitments to inclusive excellence in academia and research, The University of British Columbia has launched a Black Faculty Cohort Hiring Initiative (BFCHI) to recruit up to 23 Black scholars over the next four years.

The Faculty of Arts will be hiring six positions under two clusters:

Black Studies: Mobilities, Place-Making and Power

The cluster in “Black Studies: Mobilities, Place-Making and Power” includes three positions across the Departments of Political Science, Geography, and Anthropology to support a Centre for Black Studies at UBC, which will be grounded in the principles of academic rigor, interdisciplinarity and community engagement. We are interested in recruiting faculty who, in their research, teaching, and community engagement, illuminate the myriad ways in which Black communities have borne the brunt of political, social and environmental injustices, challenged boundaries, sought to establish a sense of belonging, and laid claim to diverse political, cultural, social and place-based forms of power and ways of knowing.

Black Informatics and Creative Arts

The cluster in “Black Informatics and Creative Arts” includes three positions in the School of Creative Writing, the Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory, and the Information School. We are interested in recruiting faculty whose scholarly expertise, innovation, and developments are guided by and situated in Black thought. The cluster harnesses the polydisciplinarity of Black creativity, imagination, and cultural production as a way to engender dynamic flow amongst creative, research-based and theoretical practices to address some of the most timely issues of our day including AI, information, and data, while cultivating speculative imaginaries to envision different collective futures.

Current job postings:

Additional job ads will be posted once they are live.


Last updated: Jan 11, 2024

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