Involvement Opportunities

Make the most of your degree by participating in enriching and career-shaping experiences to support your learning and enhance your growth.

You can make an impact at a community, regional, or international level, get involved in student leadership, and prepare for your career with work-integrated learning.

Benefits of getting involved


Develop professional skills and experiences


Test possible career paths


Build your professional network and resumé


Participate in local or international programs

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My time working as a Jump Start Orientation Leader was one of my most fulfilling experiences at UBC. Being able to help new students navigate this new era in their lives, and help them find their place within our large community, always brought a smile to my face.

Coral Santana
BA ‘21

Types of involvement experience


Gain work experience that will help connect your academic studies to your career goals while building both your resumé and your professional network.

Community engagement

Apply academic knowledge to local issues and projects in collaborative learning experiences within the community.


Contribute to a specific field and develop practical and relevant skills to further pursue your research goals.


Learn, volunteer, and research abroad while gaining new perspectives, skills, and connections through international opportunities.


Contribute to your community, build valuable interpersonal skills, and develop strong connections.

Experiential learning units

The Arts Co-op Program offers students enriched educational experiences for personal and professional growth by working with diverse community partners and sectors to provide transformative workplace learning.

CCEL’s programs provide students with community-based opportunities to learn, participate, and collaborate on projects in the community, including Trek, Reading Week, and more.

Go Global provides students the opportunity to learn abroad and gain new perspectives, skills, and networks through international programming such as Exchange, Research and Summer Abroad, Global Seminars, and International Conferences.

Fostering meaningful engagement between students, faculty, and communities, ORICE allows students to bring their discipline to life through mutually beneficial connections with community partners.

ORICE provides several opportunities for engagement through programming such as the International Service Learning (ISL) program, regionally-based community engagement, and academic courses at UBC that bring community partners and their current areas of focus into the classroom.

The UBC Career Centre provides all UBC students with access and connections to workplace learning, mentoring, volunteering, and leadership opportunities, and offers career and employment-related services.

Student-led events

Student-led events provide excellent opportunities for the community to learn, connect with peers and alumni, celebrate successes, and discuss topics of interest.

The Faculty of Arts is committed to supporting student-led events and aims to enhance these activities by offering event management coaching, assisting with communication and recruitment of alumni, connecting you with the appropriate contacts, and providing advertising support where possible.

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