Modes of Course Delivery

Modes of delivery in the Course Schedule identify which courses, discussions, tutorials, and labs are in-person, online, hybrid, or multi-access.

Always check the course comments

The course comments include additional information relating to your course. Any exceptions will be noted in the course section.

How Arts courses are delivered

In the Course Schedule, each course activity will show a “Mode of Delivery”, which describes how each individual component (e.g., lecture, lab, tutorial, discussion) within a course is going to be delivered. We expect most classes will be in-person for the 2022/23 Winter Session, as before the pandemic.

The following course modes of delivery are available for the 2022/23 Winter Session:

  • In-Person: The course activity takes place in-person. While there may be some online components, in-person attendance is required.
  • Hybrid: The course activity has a mixture of mandatory in-person and online activities as designed by the instructor. For example, one lecture each week might be online or asynchronous, and the others may be in-person,
  • Online: The course activity is fully online for the entire term, including exams, and does not require any in-person attendance to complete.
  • Multi-Access: The course activity allows students the choice to complete in person or online.

How to search for courses by mode of delivery

The Course Schedule search tool allows you to search and distinguish between courses that are delivered online, in-person, through a hybrid model, or through multi-access, and if they require in-person attendance or can be completed remotely.

Use the “Mode of Delivery” and “Requires Attendance” fields in the Course Schedule to identify which courses, discussions, tutorials, and labs are in-person, online, or hybrid.

Filter by Mode of Delivery

Use the Mode of Delivery field to identify which courses, discussions, tutorials, and labs are in-person, online, or hybrid.

Hybrid and Multi-Access courses may have some in-person elements, such as the final exam. Check the Section Comments for every course to confirm the details. When the term begins, consult the syllabus for the most up-to-date and accurate course information.

Filter for courses that require (or do not require) in-person attendance

If you are unable to attend classes in-person, use the Course Schedule search tool and select “NO” in the “Course Requires In-Person Attendance” field. This search filter will restrict your search to display only courses that will be delivered online.

The vast majority of courses will be labeled “YES” or “NO”. In a few instances, courses might be labeled “SEE SECTION COMMENTS”. Within the Section Comments, you’ll find clarification whether the course or section has some in-person components or can be completed fully online.

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